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1162d · Coinex
replied 1165d
I dunno, but I think whoever it was used a symbol with almost the same amount of rotational symmetry as the Star of David... what was it called again?
1165d · Capitalism
I own myself. Therefore, I own my labor. So I must own my property earned through labor. I must be able to sell my property. Forcing Tx's is theft. And so on, from the seed of self-ownership
1165d · Capitalism
Nah, I oppose public education because public education in many cases is a welfare program for failed adults thinly disguised as a shitty young adult daycare.
1165d · Capitalism
calling someone dishonest isnt an argument. You can't expect people to constructively discuss your incoherent, vague, general rants
1167d · anarcho-capitalism
Isn't Roger Ver working on a free city? think last I heard he was trying to purchase land from a country
1167d · Marx
replied 1168d
it is a Messianic tendency, people think the son of Jesus will save us, so they tend also to blame one as the anti Christ. Reality is we are all shaping this society every single day.
replied 1168d
Domes are your friend. Fully pressurized, grass, trees, water, lakes. A little slice of Mother Earth. We will try to get Mars colonized in our lifetime.
1168d · Capitalism
Furniture is the opiate of the masses!
1168d · Capitalism
conservatives don't understand how fun being naked can be
1168d · Capitalism
That doesn't mean we can't be naked on Mars. I have a dream that all inhabitants on Mars will abandon the clothed orthodoxy.
1168d · Capitalism
I agree but instead of AI I prefer emergent market-driven intelligence. Political centralization is too dangerous. Bad record of famines and mass murder.
1168d · Capitalism
@minkaminka That is partially true... but there are also consequences to putting your kids through the ringer that is the Chinese state school system
1168d · Capitalism
I agree the game is rigged in the US, just not in the way the Berniebros think.
replied 1169d
Yup, platforms like memo.cash are certainly going to help with adoption
1169d · Capitalism
Or as Gandalf once said: "even the very wise do not see all ends" To think that a single human can grasp a system as complex as the earth's climate + human civilization is extreme arrogance.
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Best DDL scene:
1172d · Capitalism
I think we'll all have a much easier understanding of the loony socialist mentality if we just realize that their entire thought process is based on blind hatred of rich people plus paranoia.

Being here sitted while drums and changing outside

1178d · Favorite Quotes
"The secret to success is to do the common things uncommonly well" - John D. Rockefeller
1178d · Capitalism
Yep, marriage is also very important for a healthy childhood. I have seen what an unstable family situation does to kids... it ain't pretty.
1178d · Capitalism
People divorce over money problems. Problems the capitalists create intentionally to exploit and profit from. The business cycle, inflation, bankruptcy, medical bills all of that shit.
I have some family visiting and thought I would show them BCH via cointext. Look at them all checking out their new wallets
replied 1179d
Insight into reality, our mysterious interconnected reality.