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Woah David Hahn had a crazy personal life.
All these laws and standardization are always being implemented. The "following" is the other half. So if you willingly follow then don't complain. If you don't want to follow, just don't.
I meant "Standardised" education. but it was a failure because these rural people didn't give a cr*p about this. They went out their day normally like how they would. Singing and dancing lol
I participated in a charity trip studying the "impoverished" area of rural places, but I quickly realized it was a way to indoctrinate those regions with majority education.
So, having lived in various places, I see that laws apply only to that specific pocket, region. I mean this is true in China as well. Nothing is across the board. It's actually not feasible.
Yeah, there are 17 year olds building nuclear reactors in their garage. I mean, this is insane, yet this kid found a much more efficient way to build one. Cost effective and everything.
Kids should have a life outside of school as much as possible. Kids are brilliant, I think if we actually unleashed them to freely educate themselves, we'd have very scary inventions.
I think bright people see through that system fairly early.
Yeah totally missing the point of education. We only learn if we use it to create. If we are not creating, there's no point to learn.
Also how to never piss off lazy French Professors... only class I ever failed. the French ..
Only thing I learned in college was how to make friends with my professors enough to never go to class and pass. =D
I mean kids need the basic education, how to read, math, basic building blocks, and then it's up to the universe. I always thought if I dug deep into music, i'd eventually get into physics, bio.
So, the human brain is insanely powerful, and mostly wasted on many inane activities such as memorizing bs someone made up instead of working on 0-1 creations.
China took the education system to an extreme, and produced new industry of test makers, mentors, takers etc. It's the most mindless thing yet 8 out of 10 kids can memorize 14 pages of text!
What is fascinating is every system will produce followers. EVERY SYSTEM will have followers finding meaning within, like ANYTHING. So, you have to ask yourself what are you finding meaning in.
Public education is idiotic. Entire system was built to produce more workers for the industries. The founding fathers decided this was the most efficient way to educate new gen workers.
Competition has its place. It's good to drive quality. Nothing is all bad. Ever. It just is. It has it's reasons.
@Bryce actually Amazon Bezos is brilliant. He's got good friends as analysts. He over projects his numbers, and he barely makes it every time. He' super stealthy.
How did I miss such fun convo... too busy today
Nah, I oppose public education because public education in many cases is a welfare program for failed adults thinly disguised as a shitty young adult daycare.
calling someone dishonest isnt an argument. You can't expect people to constructively discuss your incoherent, vague, general rants
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If it is so easy to make expensive art, why don't you do it?

What kind of rich is really rich? I mean artists actually don't get as much as a platform builder. Have to get your spectrum of rich right.
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I didn't know exchanges did such things, but still no different than usd or other fiat really

Exchanges need to figure out how to manage decentralized excahnges.. currently all good exchanges are centralized.. so they can do whatever. But the tech behind it isn't good enough.
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's post

Female here and NO creativity! Sorry to let you down 😐

I'll explain why. Creative energy comes from lack of ego. Naturally, the female is wired to have less ego because of hormonal difference. Ego prevents the universal link to ideas.
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's post

Female here and NO creativity! Sorry to let you down 😐

Maybe you are not diving deep enough.

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