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If one reads the Bitcoin defining white paper, and is honest with one’s self, it is clear that it is describing BCH, not BTC.
5. Were it up to miners and me, all of my transactions would be on-chain. This is why Bitcoin had to fork into Bitcoin Cash, so that the validators of my transactions are the ones with the correct economic incentives.
4. These regulator-nodes also think they determine which transactions are worthy to be included in the blockchain and which are "spam". You must hope your use is deemed worthy enough for their unnecessary validation.
3. Then, these non-mining nodes turn around and complain about their costs. They even want to throttle businesses, users, and use-cases to make sure their unnecessary, unwanted "services" don't get too expensive.
2. Non-mining nodes claim to protect me from businesses that I want to patronize. I am not scared of miners, and I do not want NMN to "verify" transactions on my behalf. They have no economic incentive to do so.
1. Non-mining nodes have turned into unwanted third-party regulators, getting between me and miners. They think of themselves as protectors of the network, but they've actually ruined the experience for most users.
Lefties claim unions kept middle-class wages high. So how do they explain stagnant public schoolteacher salaries compared to other professions?
99.99% of users will not learn how to code in order to use Bitcoin. BTC might capture the 0.01% of insular techies with time on their hands, but BCH can capture the rest of the global market for p2p electronic cash.
Bitcoin Cash is spreading much faster than BTC in Tokyo:
Bitcoin Cash is following the original Bitcoin roadmap while BTC forked off in a strange direction with segwit, LN, fee market, small blocks, rbf, soft forks, and so on.
Bitcoin is BCH.
That would mean they would actually encourage uncensored discussion. Fat chance!
Memo update released:
- Polls
- Use "hours ago" instead of timestamps
- Ranked posts page
- Guides section
Steve Patterson
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Steve Patterson
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· 245 days ago
This is my first post, and here is my recent video on the state of BCH:
Steve Patterson
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I'd like to put my first philosophy book into the blockchain. Cheap, universal publishing I'm willing to pay for!
You know what would be an awesome feature? Chained transactions for longer messages + having an optional tick box on to post longer-form writing to the blockchain, for however many tx fees it costs.
My raspberry pi just caught on fire WTF?!
BCH will exceed ETH!!
The Abuse of Apriorism in Economics:
Memo now supports threaded posts!
Originally deposited $2. After over 100 transactions I'm up to $4.
Data mining the blockchain will be big business and will help decentralize.
Great interview with Jeff Tucker on life and capitalism. Out in a few weeks!