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Cappadocia, Turkey
You can read every memo in weibo now! https://weibo.com/kerita
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Hello memo.cash!
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Finally back post "hash war" (fork)...

Thoughts: Very underwhelming. CSW a no-show, all talk, goof as usual. ABC (imho rightfully) wins market sentiment and BCH ticker

I managed to 1.7x BCH at cost of 9/10 my BSV
I got lots of tips on memo. Thank you everyone!
Upload your img form iPhone to memo http://chat.chat
Want mobile memo to be better? Add my chat.chat ID : rob Join memo’s chat.chat room http://chat.chat
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Apple I, 1976. Blockchain industry is at the stage of history of computer industry.
We need to push Bitpay hard on every business we know. Send them mail, talk to them.
Start using BCH every day like your life depend on it
Experimenting with some graphics again
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如果你想建造一艘船,先不要发号施令召集人们采集木材,而是要引导大家向往浩瀚无边的大海。—— 《小王子》 http://chat.chat
this is hilarious! lol!
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I support BCH because it's the most progressive option for dapp devs. I don't care about any of these celebrities.
It's not about individual people - that's the whole point.
I am Jihan. Hello Memo!