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Lets reich und roll baby


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Scheiße!? These Covid measures, even I didn't suspect you could submit humans like this! Congrats to the tyrant who made this scheiße up!
For this occasion Vrijheidradio talks in ENGLISH
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Are you responsible for the payouts of ADD? It was supposed to pay out till December 31th but the last few days it stopped.
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If you are a real man than pay for all the damage you have done
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good thing, I guess anarchy is still the norm or was the last part of your sentence a warning?
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feeling sorry is the problem
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My AS did that with jews
When I was rebellious I was kicked out of heaven to rule this planet Earth. But when the people of Hong Kong become rebellious they kick ass. I admire that!
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Dud, I'm Hitler, the master of propaganda, sol what use does it have to trick me with words?