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Maze Mminer 1.0.1 and mining tutorial
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50d · DIVVY Token Project
Aside from the normal BCH cash back on DEC 1st, the VNT team is going to airdrop 7.5 million of their tokens on us. You need to have at least 75k dv tokens for the VNT airdrop!
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I just believe there is more power if we are more united.

United as SLP & BCH community we may achieve a lot more things. I also think we shall become more inclusive and friendlier with other communities.
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VENT community will receive 10,000 ZAPT airdrop tomorrow.

Congrats to all this community!
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Some members of our community have asked us where we hold Investments:

SLP tokens: RNEW, Sweet, Sour, ZAPT, DV, Spice, Honk, VENT, TBS.

ERC-20: PRE, 1UP, SWRV, Axion, BAT

Top Cryptos: BCH, ETH, BTC, USDT,
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How long does it take memo to update the price of a token in the market cap? Seems like the higher price orders of ZAPT isnt getting updated but lower price is getting updated pretty quick.
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Its worked perfectly to create a vacuum of energy in the space. I cant eait f9r this to be over and the BCH ship in tact
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Felling sad at this moment🤣🤣🤣🤔🤔🤔

Mistakely burn all tokens on memo🤣🤣🤣🤣

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199d · DIVVY Token Project
So I got the question "what can I do with my whopping 1000 satoshis cash back from divvy this month?" That's the fees for 3 to 4 tx's on BCH! Enjoy your free future transactions!
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201d · VNT
Please you are also to hold at least 50000 VNT to get the dividends.
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201d · VNT