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Thank you for posting this!
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Thanks for asking!
The Hub is a fully validating node but also the center of the family. For instance Indexer plus Hub can search in blockchain for transactions.
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Memo is open and not censored. SV supporters, fiat supporters and also BTC supports have been having a voice in memo for months. There really isn't much of a reason to fork support.
The goal of BCH is to become a world money. We lost a lot of steam, a lot ended up waiting. And the "danger" was over in an hour! And really, there was no danger. Can we get back to building again?
I know I will! #bch
It's easy to forget how important the hashrate is to the strength of the network, and with every chain split the network gets literally weaker, which is why I consider another split as threatening.
Scaling by making bigger blocks is my preferred way to scale #BitcoinCash

Just wildly going to larger block sizes, however, doesn't make sense. I wrote a post about this;
Some thoughts on the protocol changes some teams suggest for November;
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Flowee is a wonderful implementation of Bitcoin Cash and after GitHub got bought by Microsoft (who is openly hostile to on-chain scaling), I'm moving our code and community to gitlab.
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Plenty of great ideas around for those that want to innovate or become entrepreneurs. But it won't be easy. I expect it to be fun at times, though.
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Hard drive space is cheap, you need only very little incentive to just keep the data laying around. Doing any sort of statistics may be fun enough for many.
Observation; different teams working to advance Bitcoin in their own way via new tools or policies etc has the effect of pushing everyone to be better, to fix things. It speeds up innovation. Exponential innovation?
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The anticipation before we move to a new era, small steps yet big leaps 4 BCH
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I am the Flowee the Hub developer, trying out Bitcoin Cash rocks!