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Bitcoin enthusiast since 2012; but got dismayed in 2015, until now!.
BCH app/project tester, adviser, advertising/promoter & new application proposals.
Long time cruncher for BOINC projects.
A Linux systems only man.

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The Truth:
BitcoinCash = WORK to MINT - (Miners).
$€£ = COUCH POTATOES to MINT - (Central Banks).
"It's comin' yet for a' that but yet a' may not for Theresa May" - Robert Burns, (edited by) Vigorous Mike
Will no longer use for simple/pointless/inaccurate info, or matters of opinion (Twitter is for that). Instead, I will only be using for personal quotes, or very important 'facts' - nothing else.
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- Vigorous Mike
"We all need to think past our conditioned environment & to bury our prejudice's, in doing so we WAKEUP up & open up REAL NEW innovative possibilities, increasing the possibilities of self healing in the process"
"Part of any healing process is as much as demeaning oneself as much of the part of healing as the healing itself" - Vigorous Mike
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My reason is for a top down approach, aim for the top, he will do the rest - spread much, much FASTER. If you try from the bottom up - takes longer far, far LONGER to spread.
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There was prisons designed with this in mind back in the days called Panopticon. The point was that prisoners never knew if they where being watched.
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I would suspect the mental prison is way worse. I often wonder if the mass surveillance is like a giant prison, in particular with facial recognition - reading people emotions!.
Why Lightning is flawed - Notes


SHA512 - Lightning.Tif
"Prison takes many forms; the question is, which one are you in?" - Vigorous Mike
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Miners matter. The miners run node applications (ABC, BU, XT etc.) + the mining algorithm. Core's highly praised "full nodes" are non-mining nodes. The term "full nodes" is misleading.
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Makes sense. Then thats why we will always have these implementations, but only really for miners and businesses.
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(Or is he referring to BitcoinCore camp - of there strong argument to run a full node) (Running full node along side cgminer makes sense).
If Craig wright says "full nodes" do nothing, then why do we have BitcoinABC, BitcoinUnlimited etc? (They are full non mining node implementations for BCH).
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The beginning of the flippening?
Professors that get a little nutty by being inside & concentrating too much are starting to suffer the effects of what I call house stroke or office stroke - So being inside too much causes house/office stroke.
People need to listen to him:
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On small scale - practically no difference. But, if 1+bln people are, then it will make difference, it also eases entry for newbies, has to come down to the ordinary man to mine too.
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(Treat it as voluntary mining, not unlike BOINC [Berkeley's Open Infrastructure Network Computing] crunching - which is voluntary, ppl run projects all the time!).