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Crypto and liberty lover. Journalist. Living unbanked off of crypto since 2016. Free State Project mover. Opinions are my own.


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For crying out loud Memo, how many CAPTCHAs do I have to do? Is this an eye exam? lol
LBRY recently added an option to do articles, so I made a quick video showing how. And you should to avoid censorship.
Ethereum Classic was a top coin for years above Dash yet was a whim away from a major theft. Is the market waking up?
Hey thanks Ben Swann for blowing up my little YouTube channel!
Before you get too caught up in the Bitcoin hype train, remember that it costs at least $2 to send right now, and will only get worse. Adjust your expectations accordingly, and research the rest of its children.
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Smart of you.
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I think Litecoin has no future and I dropped my Litecoin last year.
At first glance, Litecoin looks like it has a bright future! Then you dig a little deeper and it looks less certain.
The mask controversy was manufactured in order to keep people fighting with each other, rather than rising up against their government. #youcantchangemymind
Tried to use Yelp but it blocked me. Then I realized my VPN was inexplicably on Saudi Arabia. What, the Saudis don't deserve to find hipster coffee joints? 😁
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YouTube link:
In case you missed yesterday's great chat with Ernesto on learning from Venezuela's lessons on crypto adoption
At 4pm EDT/8pm UTC Ernesto Contreras of Dash Core Group comes on the Dash Podcast to talk about Dash adoption in Latin America, don't miss it! Subscribe!
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YouTube link for those still having problems with LBRY:
Great insight into the crypto situation in Venezuela. Blew my mind that there's no credit cards or savings accounts.
Wow, Presearch is up like 73%! All that time searching with something other than Google earned me like 6 bucks. I can retire now! 😁 Try explaining that to boomers: "Read the Yellow Pages and earn lunch money!"
Anyone who actually buys stuff with crypto like I do knows it can be a bit clunky for merchants. Read to see what's coming
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It is very sad but people refuse to believe hyperinflation is inevitable. I have come to the sad realisation that the majority of people will only follow trends.
A lot of you really believe that the dollar is going to hold its value forever and it shows. 😱
Wow, someone really likes me on CoinTree! 🤯 Thanks so much for the $Dash, Anonymous! You keep the content flowing. 🙇‍♀️
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Probably would
I've been the only one at jiujitsu recently. Maybe that's because it's unbearably hot these days and we wear a long-sleeved shirt AND a thick jacket to do intense athletic exercise.
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YouTube link:
Ben Swann's been at the forefront of the media and censorship wars since before they were a thing. Insightful chat with an OG.
2 things this bull market: lots will pay attention to crypto and try to use it, and we'll see that the top few networks don't work.