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Crypto and liberty lover. Journalist. Living unbanked off of crypto since 2016. Free State Project mover. Opinions are my own.


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Had a blast with Nicole on Friday after we got past the technical difficulties. Here it is in case you missed all the fun Craig Wright gossip and speculation and other stuff
Dash and Digibyte recently turned 7 (and soon Monero will) and have kept kicking all these years. Building greatness takes time!
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Live crypto superchat link:
Today at 3pm EST/8pm UTC, Nicole Grinstead comes on the Digital Cash Rundown! Watch live and join the live crypto superchat, it's going to be a fun one!
User experience 101: the more steps a user has to take before getting what they want, as well as the more options they have to choose from, the worse the experience. In tech, #FewUnderstandThis.
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I started my channel Digital Cash Network 11 months ago. Can it get to 7k subscribers on Odysee and 1k on YouTube before its first anniversary? Subscribe if you haven't already! 🙏
We're all getting hit by censorship now, but fleeing to alt platforms only buys some time. You need something decentralized, and that has decentralized funding.
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I would bet something on-chain being what actually ends up working.
Sunset and snow
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lol that's what Reddit is for
4d · Reddit
Always I am about to ditch reddit and always it gives me reason to stay
For the SECOND time in a week my Facebook account was locked due to "suspicious activity". Find me by name or TheDesertLynx on
-Signal (603-502-3046)
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They're semi-functional, not as good as on-chain yet. Not sure if security is improved, and we won't know until we start seeing some major attacks.
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Imagine being branded as "dangerous" if you use a platform that doesn't heavily censor. Just wait, they'll use what apps you use in order to cancel you
I made my BTC donation address on my CoinTree go straight to a Lightning wallet. Try it out if you're generous! Or send something like Dash that was always fast and cheap.
Firo is a good project, and actually have ChainLocks (the 51% attack prevention feature that Dash pioneered), but not deployed on the mainnet yet. 😬
Everyday now when I see new people from all political affiliations freaking out at how messed up the system is. 😎
Been in crypto 7.5 years, what a ride it's been. Hard to believe Dash is already 7 and is stronger than ever. May make a video about "elder statesmen" cryptos.
What if Lightning isn't the ultimate solution, but it can do some cool stuff? Maybe it could be for specific cases while most scaling is on-chain?
Depression is feeling unhappy and seeing no way out. Actively working on fixing your problems changes your perspective. Start working on the solutions like decentralized tech. Or you can stay depressed🤷‍♂️
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