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Here it is in case you missed it, very good:
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Here's Ryan's original presentation:
Don't miss the Dash Podcast at 4pm EDT/8pm UTC today with Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor, subscribe to see when we're live! He's covering tokenomics changes to Dash
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I have no idea, but I'm on and one of my best friends runs
Who's on Mastodon? Drop your handles please! Mine is thedese[email protected] Giving yet another censorship-resistant social network another go.
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Yeah that one was good too.
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I liked this one:

LBRY link:
Wow, Roger is on fire! Apparently you can't trust police to protect you from looting, not just during riots but basically anytime.
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If you don't have LBRY just drop some coin and a message on my CoinTree and let me know so I can share a private YouTube link. Or wait for the short one
If you want to live entirely off of social media posting for crypto, this is invaluable (well worth the few cents).
Which is the best censorship resistant Twitter alternative/social network? Only mention if it has a decent user experience and user base. 👍
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I don't live in Malaysia, I'm guessing you're a bigger expert on bill paying in that country than I am.
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If you want to try it out, it's very similar to Chrome, just without all the privacy infractions:
Awesome! I use and love Brave, little surprise people flock to a good user experience + privacy + optionally getting paid to watch ads.
The crazier the world gets, the stronger the case gets for private gun ownership. Do you trust police to keep your family safe from COVID panic? To protect your business from looters? Trust police at all anymore?
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It funnels all activity directly through centralized fiat exchanges, doesn't get users/merchants used to using the currency. Also merchants can pay bills/salaries in crypto.
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Not really true. Sure it's harder in some places than others, but you'd be surprised at how doable it is.
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YouTube link:
Just now sharing last week's epic rant on media censorship and the migration to free speech platforms.
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With crypto.
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Hehe exactly
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Even dark web merchants need to buy coffee :)
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It's spending crypto for a good/service, definitely counts. How they run their business is a different story, but someday businesses will pay bills in crypto too.
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If you can't spend crypto you don't defund the system. Every time you sell Bitcoin to make bills you prop up fiat currency. Take the #FiatFreeChallenge or shut up