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Crypto and liberty lover. Journalist. Living unbanked off of crypto since 2016. Free State Project mover. Opinions are my own.

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Thanks for the Dash, Anonymous! I'm glad you enjoyed the Lightning network video with Max Hillebrand as much as I enjoyed making it!
Dogecoin is the real Bitcoin.

You may not want to hear it, but 95% of what most people want Bitcoin for, Doge is giving them more right now.
Thanks Anonymous for watching the show with Mike Sennello, and for the Dash! It was a good time.
Did you know it costs 22 cents just to send Dogecoin right now? At a quarter of Bitcoin's transaction volume it's already starting to break down.
This Friday at 3pm EDT/7pm UTC Spencer Kuzara comes on the Digital Cash Rundown! Watch live on Odysee and YouTube, and join the live crypto superchat!
About to go live to talk about why and how you should start living on crypto and less on the dollar! Join in!
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Agreed, LN needs actually cheap-ish on-chain transactions. It needs to take enough congestion away, but it seems like it'll add more with more onboarding
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| I think that BCH will eventually have a Lightning Network for specific uses. But for that, you need to have a sound base layer. A $100 fee level is inacceptable for most people.
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I think a lot of hardcore Bitcoiners are because of the name similarity, nothing more.
Technical deep-dive on how modern user-friendly Bitcoin Lightning wallets work what tradeoffs they currently make, and what needs to be fixed for them to be viable long-term
First post on Medium! As someone who's lived unbanked off crypto for the past 5 years, I analyze why so few others live like me today.
If you support government social programs, but if you fail to implement them you make no effort to replicate or voluntarily contribute to them in the nonprofit sector, then maybe you don't care about the unfortunate.
If you're a "crypto boomer" like me and can't wrap (ha ha) your head around DeFi, this might be a good thing to watch. Thanks for blowing my mind Albert!
If we're not careful we're ending up in exactly the same permissioned financial system we sought to avoid.
Great rundown of the weird state of the cryptospace with Jeremy. If you had issues with the livestream yesterday, this one should be a nice clean version. Enjoy!
Today at 4pm EDT/8pm UTC Albert Castellana comes on the Dash Podcast! Watch live on Odysee and YouTube and join the live crypto superchat!
The Digital Cash Rundown with Jeremy Kauffman will be live at 3pm EDT/7pm UTC! Watch live on Odysee and YouTube and join the live crypto superchat!
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No, they take a few different coins, just no BCH.
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Notice I didn't include Zcash, Monero, or Bitcoin SV. I wanted to, but wanted to keep the list short to things you can conceivably live off of today.
Unpopular opinion: every crypto person should use Dash, Bitcoin Cash, and the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Each can learn from the others, and being hedged makes you significantly less invested in one winning,
I bought gas yesterday with Dash, AND saved money. Thanks a bunch Bitrefill!
Before you ask, no I will not be posting a selfie with a participation trophy. If you know, you know.
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Ideal government(s): allow multiple parties to offer competing services. No need to vote, simply choose.
After 2017's crazy hype storm I kind of stopped looking at IOTA. I'm glad I took a second look, and chatted with Dan about new developments, including Coordicide and introducing mana.