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Crypto and liberty lover. Journalist. Living unbanked off of crypto since 2016. Free State Project mover. Opinions are my own.

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The current US administration is actively trying to drive crypto out of the country. The only hope for the industry here is to operate legally in American states and ignore the US federal government.
Earlier this year a plump me had the honor of speaking at Liberty Forum on how and why you should live on crypto. Here's the recorded talk, enjoy!
We have the illusion of freedom until we step outside the lines. Then we see how the system is designed to control us.

Try to live on crypto and protect your online privacy, that will really open your eyes. 😬
Good podcast going over some tough transparency moments.

Also an early breakdown of GroveDB and some potential applications (fully-private Google Maps alternative? 👀)
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holup. ur telling me is a scam!?!😭
but but, it has a ‘brand new revolutionary democratic voting structure’.
Y to the moon 🚀🚀🚀🙃🙃🙃
To "soon" or not to "soon". That is NOT the question.

We must "soon". We should just do it accurately and realistically as possible.

Please "soon" responsibly. #IYKYK
When people make absolute statements like "all X are scams", "Y is the only project that Z", in almost all cases they're trying to scam you, whether they have cognitive dissonance about it or not. 🧠
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Neither have I. Pretty well identified my favorite aspects and features, but not entirely.
I have not met the perfect coin.
Great privacy discussion with Paul yesterday! I feel like we need a three-hour time window instead of one-hour for these things.
You don't learn from mistakes if you keep making them. Mistake learning-resistance is one of the biggest red flags in a person, company, or project.
Live with Sam Westrich!
Live with Paul Puey!
Today at 3pm EDT/7pm UTC Paul Puey comes ont he Digital Cash Rundown to talk about Binance delisting privacy coins in the EU, the Monero privacy bug, and more!
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Well that's kind of a silly take
Thread on my crypto usage/promotion strategy:
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Chain halt, not split
This Friday at 4pm EDT/8pm UTC Dash Core Group CTO Sam Westrich comes on the Dash Podcast to talk the Dash chain split, the new EvoNode release, and more
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This has been in the cards for a while. And yes, DEXes are the future.
Fuck the powers that be.
Cryptos which offer increased privacy are starting to be delisted from exchanges in the EU. Stuff like this is why I view THORChain/Maya and any other workable DEX as crucial to crypto's survival.
Great and thorough chat with Zooko last week facing hard and thought-provoking questions during a pivotal time in Zcash's history. Really enjoyed it!
Each step you take to improve privacy cuts off a group of people from having access to your private information.

Who cares if the CIA can still track you. They aren't likely the ones you who will actually harm you.
If you knew all the cool stuff being built, you'd be optimistic about the future too.
Had a blast at ETHDam, had to recap the experience with Nate, who I got to meet IRL for the first time there. Good show!
If you don't get thrown in the deep end you'll never learn how to swim. We all need that wake-up call that happens when we go all-in on something are realize we're nowhere near ready to be all-in. 😅