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Looks like people are creating accounts to ask for BCH saying they are in need, I can give one advice, if you need help, post some proofs, and don't flood with a lot of posts asking Everytime, people don't like it
replied 1429d
Communist takeover, I never thought it would happen here though. Take care of your kitties.
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Thanks queen
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The floodgates are open, Covvid-20, the charity virus. The market is dead now. They’ve left us to fight amongst ourselves. You see? The writing was there all along.
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If you have a few satoshis to give, Il be happy to get some, and please stay, anyway to get contact with you ? You ara a Nice person
Thank you to my friend @crytomania who introduced memo to me. I felt great full, in this way I can earn😍
replied 1429d
Earning implies you’ve done some sort of work beside holding out your hand. Nothing to eat and computers or phones to post from, I can’t say anything because I’m “privileged”
sent · 200,000 sats 1429d
The Zemus handle will be deleted now, please don’t send any sats here as I don’t have the keys to recover.

Memo has been subject to hostile takeover this evening and I refuse aid communism
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Remember cashfusion
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Give these out if people ask, or not.
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Long ago*
replied 1429d
Core was usurped by blockstream long again, I’ve not seen it transacted with here.
Any Italians or Iranians here struggling?
Whole BCH are going to people in Italy and Iran for my next donation. South American and East Asia again after that, so we all get a plate.
If you’re not paying it forward, we’ll, that’s an issue. Don’t have children if you can’t afford to take care of them. Humanity keeps reproducing in times of disease and famine...
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Do what you will, but watch as tons of new accounts join daily in pursuit of handouts, not because they plan to contribute thoughts or content. It’s not sustainable..
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6 new accounts this evening begging for charity right away. A short time on telegram would tell you the is a single user with burner accounts or a coordinated effort to scam sats.
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Diogenes is said to have discarded his only cup after observing a child draw water with bare hands. You’d do well to think on this.
Those given large tips recently ought to consider using part of their stack to help neighbors or others in the community with their own needs.
weeks not months, thousands will get the equivalent of 200,000 BTC and BCH is distributed
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Like a class action, lawsuit, settlement; year’s in the making.
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I just messaged you on telegram