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I will return it
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how i can send token ?
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on memo it’s the star next to like. But don’t worry, keep them, burn them whatever. I have no idea where they came from or what they’re for anyway. Just cat related.
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Damn, I did it again. I think I sent you some Random 🐱🐱🐱 tokens in error instead of ghostoftomorrow...
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i need sympAthy
plz I'm bankrupt beyond repairS
i aCcept inviziblecoin & Hugztoken
all help Appreciated
my address on no-wallet: i7invenTed7bouRbon7kIttehs
thAnk u
god bless
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What is the problem?
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I wasnt sure if people are interested BCH dividens... Seems like a nice project to me...
What's better than #crypto? Crypto with lasers! Make your #BCH unconfiscatable by created plastic wallets and burying it like gold. Here's how:
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I thought PCO was a mining share. So that’s more like a business? I’ve lost track a bit so maybe I’ve got that wrong...
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lol. Why not. 1$ for your troubles. Interesting selection of coins listed btw.
Is there anywhere i can donate to specific BCH projects/features, as opposed to just donating generically to ABC, BU etc
I'm working on a side project called cointr.ee
When you go to cointr.ee/naomibrockwell you can see my bch address, memo.cash link, & a bunch of other pages :)
Create your own cointr.ee page and tell me what you think!
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when my kid was younger he could never say 'pop corn'. it would always come out as 'cock porn'.
"daddy, can we watch a movie tonight with cock porn?".
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It's going to take me a while to send out the WR🏆 tokens and 🍺's lol !! Too many winners !!!!
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Thx for clarifying. I think a lot about data vs payment onchain and agree with much of what you said. I still think BSV is a 💀 🦆 though.
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And for the inevitable question, here's why Memo supports BSV: https://jasonc.me/blog/why-memo-supports-bsv
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I'm a big fan of the traditional British brew. A proper cup of tea.
Still has caffeine but a lot less than coffee. If you can get Yorkshire tea where you are, give it a try.
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>People still need to realise that they do have a choice of currencies though, Rust said.

>"You never had a choice between religion and not in the past. When church and state were the