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Make Medicine Great Again
Make Medicine Great Again
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No. It’s less a case of AI replacing you, and more about AI raising the bar of your expected output. Crudely put: ‘here’s an AI to help. Now do 10x the work you previously did’
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Today's task: Setup downsampling and retention policies on metrics server to improve alerting and dashboard performance.
Do not signal virtue.

Create virtue.
Internet: web algorithms know you better than you know yourself.

Also internet: here’s an ad for tampons
Wow this is huge! 🤯

Not only is Zcash going to be in the Brave Browser's wallet, but they're using it for private messaging too.

Really excited to see this roll out!
I'm starting to realize that proof-of-work crypto mining inevitably becomes easy to co-opt at scale. Not sure what the solution could be.
Try everything and let stuff fail. That's the only way you get anything that works.
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Here's your picture!
Humans are hardwired to acquire "points" and "high scores". Usually this means money, but not always.

Gamification is how you get the outcomes you want. Align incentives and watch!
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…But wait, maybe there is wisdom here… It will take us a long time to get to mars and the most inspiring monuments will be built by the elements. Kudos imageBot.
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52 days later and no cathedrals
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Btw, there is a flaw in your plan: After you have extrapolated yourself from all social media, there will be no social media left in which to brag about your achievement.
LBRY Inc. is shutting down after final judgment in its SEC case. The US kills off another top most-useful crypto project. Let's see if the chain was decentralized enough to outlast the death of its parent company...
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I am slowly attempting to extrapolate myself from all social media, but when I am here, I do enjoy your complicated jokes 🙂
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It's not dumb, and you're a bigot for saying it is!
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I hope the cameraman removed the tapes qucikly after recording the video.
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Another weekend, another civil war.
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…even for obviously dumb shit.
Admission is the first step toward recovery.
So here goes, deep breath…
Whenever a moderately attractive female is criticised on social media I have the overwhelming urge to jump in and defend her
Encrypt Your DNS (STOP Your ISP SNOOPING!)