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bought 500 RKT 🚀 for 50,000 satoshis (100 each) from · 1d
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I just tipped my first token.
A small step for man, a giant step for shitposting.
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Careful, my account was suspended for some reason - I guess they do not like Tor exits, but it's not clearly stated in their "Terms and Conditions"
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Unknown miner seems to be throwing a lot of hashrate at BCH.

Block rate is way up.
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Henlo Sir. The meme word is boolish :D
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Son of a BCH
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Maybe search is case-sensitive?
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The CashShuffle website has been updated with a new informational video on the homepage! Check out and click "Learn More" to check it out!
#BCH #CashShuffle #BitcoinCash
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You are the product of a degenerate society.
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Real #power is when you can share your mind on #Twitter and NOT get fired.
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Two people can know the right choice but the one that actually chooses the right choice is the one that's viewed as more successful. When both can have equal amounts of intelligence.
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Anyone got any of those SLP tokens?
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Bitcoin Cash is the best cryptocurrency on earth.
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Yes, Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin.
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Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin. By any reasonable definition.
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