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Shared the 60 Euro cents actual win - the price for the ticket was EUR 20 - the ticket value is now EUR 20.60
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Me too plz.
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replying for lulz
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This is my official reply.
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This is my official reply.
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(Any comments made after the lottery numbers are out will not be considered)
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task: Proof-read
price: 0.05 BCH (11.4 USD)
solving time: 12 hours
· 9h
Bitcoin Cast Program Gives Guests a Unique SLP Token
· 9h · Gold
Dutch National Bank Says Gold Can Re-Start Economy in Case of Total Collapse
replied · 9h
Are there any other dutch-speaking users?
replied · 13h
Did some calculations: it's "worth it" if I am importing 800 cigarettes per trip
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Yes, but highway toll: EUR 15 for a week in Slovenia, fuel from/to Slovenia another 15 EUR (approximately) - most groceries are the same price in Slovenia
· 14h
Un-muted my only mute ever - just ignoring stupid comments
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You got it pal!
replied · 14h is good
· 15h · Bitcoin Cash
I need more options to pay in Bitcoin Cash in Austria. Drinking US import coffee ( - Skydiving in Seattle) and buying groceries in Slovenia (Tuš) is not a long-term solution
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Ah, I now see the star button now to tip tokens hah. Sent you some SOUR!
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ound randomly (nobody would ask or listen to experts in economics, branding, etc.)

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re team.

Bitcoin Core is still using "Legacy" address format - nobody would listen to UX-minded people, they introduced RBF (terrible decision for UX) and allowed the fees to float ar
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ing Bitcoin Core in 2016, because nobody would listen to me and returned to Bitcoin Cash in 2019, because I thought we could work something out, now Amaury reacts just like the old Co