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it has been the inaction of those
who could have acted
the indifference of those who should have known better
the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most
that has made it possible
for evil to triumph
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You can be a self employed and not have it stolen
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wallet.fullstack.cash has the prototype #opensource SLP Post Office integrated into it. Here is a video demo:

You can send PSF tokens without any BCH.
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I see you also play into identity politics lol indoctrination in quite the weapon.
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Yes I must be since I pointed out the obvious faults in your religion . Cheers.
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Yes , you unfollowed me because you had no valid responses . Yet I am triggered. Dont hurt your 2 remaining brain cells twatter.
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Half brained half baked statists : Taxation is theft ! But its okay if they will steal my money for "space travel" LOL!
Cognitive dissonance amongst the statists is quite the spectacle
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Yes they just made a "space force" Its an extension of the air force which is used for war.. lol talk about cognitive dissonance !
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Yes turn to insults instead of providing any actual scientific proof ! Seems like you are the binary thinker ;)
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They are a government agency. Just refuting you cognitive dissonance
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not being a binary thinker. You made some fallacy statement about tax dollars ! they get alot of tax dollars.
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NASA gets 56 MILLION + dollars a DAY in tax dollars.
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Nasa was formed after Project paperclip, where nazi scientists were taken after WWII and given jobs in US . Nasa was headed by Von Braun a SS Nazi . Do your research buddy
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Only government agencies known to be liars go to space... would love to see your practical , repeatable , observable and falsafiable experiment that makes space travel scientific .
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so you criticize people for believing in government believe the government when it comes to fantasy science fiction space travel ... the cognitive dissonance is strong within in you
The lamest fucking propaganda tweet of the year nominee:

Wake me up when the angry mob lynches these fucking parasites without any regard to the political side they pretend to represent.
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I think she took the "Shelter In Place" orders a little too seriously ;)