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Dr. Uther 1MBFpC
Please be mindful of your consumption. To learn what lengths humanity will go in their pursuit of lucifarian doctrine is imporant, but overexposure damages the mind and spirit.
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I actually find her rather attractive, but those are feelings based on lust and she herself has strayed too far from the holy spirit to ever redeem herself: Pure evil.
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Abramovic must have some of the best anti-aging, longevity secrets implemented. If appearances count for anything, she's defied organic, age-related decline in a major way.
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I'm refusing the clot shot until every vaccine has been issued to under priviliged/underserved countries and demographics. First-world, white privilege isn't fair.
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The sacred numerology. Do you want the most imporant thing I have to share? Just ask and it's yours.
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Alas, some of us miss all the warning signs about hot stoves and have to get burned to understand. Oh well.
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There are scam projects out there that looked legit but failed or rugged their users. Exchange hacks and so forth. I think going after layer-1's and holding would be good.
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Congrats on 4 days, that's solid.
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Coomer logic.
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XRP is a scam project and you're retarded for promoting it.
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Kayie, I know these other accounts are all yours lol.
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I saw a post saying a 10K solana buy a year ago would make you a 1.6 million today. Why, oh why, didn't I listen?
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Stop drinking, go to some AA meetings and open your heart to Christ.

Friendly reminder to stop poisoning yourselves. We're in the middle of a pandemic, stop being fat.
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How's it going, buddy? You doing okay?
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What do SOUL tokens do?
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White men are people too
Thinking for yourself and doing things that go against popular opinion make certain folks uncomfortable. Conformity makes them feel safe and secure.
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Australia protest sign
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His legal team is looking into a civil suit against the Biden administration for defamation, I believe he's entitled to damages.
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One of the best post-workout meals after leg training. It's good to wrap them in lettuce instead of using buns if you're low carb.
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I'd like to thank Antifa and the rest of Marxists for standing in solidarty with their fellow workers by ruining small businesses.
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If you don't mind getting personal, were you Baker Acted at some point?