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replied 106d
Still have D1scord? It'd be fun to chat for a few.

replied 106d
It's been awhile! Good you're doing well.
replied 424d
Check Discord when you have a moment. I sent you a message.
replied 491d
Check your Discord messages when you have a moment.
replied 492d
I've been here a looooooooooooooong time, man; you get used to it. Actually, I'm impressed with his diehard ability to maintain the official narrative, each and every time.
replied 495d
Dragon-sides douche- "Anyone I disagree with is a Russian disinformation agent."
replied 498d
Those went through a thorough vetting process before being released to the public. Opinion discarded.
replied 498d
Pfizer's own trials aren't through until February of next year. Let's wait to hear what they have to say before you chime in with your nonsense. You do trust the 'science,' right?
replied 503d
"Vaccines help.."
Opinion discarded.
replied 503d
Sometimes my smart phone runs out of juice and I'm relegated to hard currency.
replied 503d
And you're filming this on a CCP funded data-mining tool. Does anyone else find that ironic?
replied 504d
Folks are more concerned with filming a racial epithet to share on social media than the worker's rights abuses required to manufacture the iPhones they're filming with. Priorities?
replied 505d
This is one of the reasons I can't support Antifa's Neo-marxist ideology. Crony capitalism sucks, but I'll take it over CCP Communism, which, like covid, is more about social control
replied 505d
It wasn't so long ago we were trying to support the masked students pulling down surveillance towers in HK. They've in all likelihood, been sent to reeducation camps.
replied 506d
It's been memory-holed to this point; you'd have to delve into the 4chan archives to find it.
replied 506d
Remember the drone footage of him gathering things from his island after the so called 'suicide'? Pepperidge farm remembers.
replied 506d
All these folks supporting the protests should review their stance on the Trucker's Convoy; I smell hypocrisy and double standards in the air.
replied 508d
Good debate thus far. I'll have to see what I can come up with and will gladly kneel if my thoughts are unfounded.

To be continued.
replied 510d
Not true, importing a whole bunch of low-IQ savages from a different continent that have no sense of personal boundaries or the willingness to assimilate with their native culture suck
replied 510d
Happy Thanksgiving to My American Friends 🦃
replied 510d
Doomed to fail. You only accept autonomy to an extent; our species, without fail, has a instinctual inclination to form hierarchies and be led.
replied 510d
Create more state controls and county autonomy. That way, a heavily liberal city isn't deciding on the laws of rural, conservative areas. Also remove church from state.
replied 510d
They could've sent the fibrous clots to a lab and shared the analyses, and interviewed Robert Malone or the MD's of peer-reviewed journal articles linking the vaccines to heart attack
replied 510d
You learn a lot about the reality of the pandemic when you're with patients in the covid wards like I was. My point is this:Died suddenly missed the mark with their documentary.