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Because I should have to pay for something that I wasn't even alive for.
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Hey everyone! I've been working on all morning. Now when initiating a tip, it displays a cash address rather than a legacy address. :)
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On top of the fundraiser, I've put together a list of BCH projects and organizations I think we should also donate BCH too:
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Thanks for posting about the unmentioned/funded BCH initiatives on r/btc, you're one of my favorite new devs, especially since you're a BTC convert. We appreciate all of your hard work!!
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THIS JUST IN: Satoshi Nakamoto doesn't understand the technology behind Bitcoin.

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Hey everyone! I've been meaning to post here more often.

Anyway, I've been working on various stuff for the past few weeks! I'll go over them more in the next few memos.
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Coming soon: A dedicated, non-custodial Bitcoin Cash tipping service for livestreamers! :) #BCH #BTC #Bitcoin #Dailymemo

For more info👉:
That feeling when you tip your favorite comedian on twitter with #bitcoincash! 😎😎😎 #dailymemo

"It's over now (are you running away?)
I come apart (as I lie awake)
It's in my blood (let the sky fall down)
I won't let go (my oblivion)" -Breaking Benjamin 'Blood'
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"Oh Joy, when you call me
I was giving up, oh, I was giving in
Joy, set my mind free
I was giving up, oh, I was giving in" -Bastille "Joy"
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Libra Coin? No thanks, I'll stick with permissionless peer2peer cash. #BCH
Today our team of designers, developers & #BitcoinCash experts brought a massive upgrade to A new brand, new features, an improved look for onboarding the world to p2p cash. So proud right now #dailymemo
"So I'll find what lies beneath
Your sick twisted smile
As I lie underneath
Your cold jaded eyes
Now you turn the tide on me
'Cause you're so unkind
I will always be here
For the rest of my life"
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"I can feel your breath.
I can feel my death.
I want to know you.
I want to see.
I want to say hello." -Twenty One Pilots "Trees"
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listed 10,000 KPK for sale for 10,000,000 satoshis · 10d

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I heard there are some bugs with the exchange so it may be one of them.
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I would rather be surfing #Memo.