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| enforce them unfairly, and it would be really cool to see society move away from the Reddit-style of things and into a more fundamental right to freedom of expression model.
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element of human social organization (while on the internet) is abolished, while self-governance still abides? Because even when voluntary, humans have a tendency to make bad rules and
I was thinking, if at some point in the future we are all using the memo protocol instead of centralized social media, could we be entering into an era where "rules" being a necessary
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| figure out a way to filter illegal stuff if necessary
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I say the positives outweight the negatives. Everyone hates CP but we can't jettison free speech.

Frankly im fine with raising the middle finger to the government, and front ends can
786d · Censorship resistant storage
I recall a similar discussion once with OneLawSanctury. He pointed out that images would need a level of moderation that text does not.
The banksters who took over Bitcoin Core didn't just block a blocksize limit increase... they actually DECREASED the hard cap from 32 mb to 1 mb (note the 1 mb limit was originally a soft limit). Sources below
778d · Seasteading
Observation of the seasteading community: they are too focused on big money. Every successful migration/colonisation starts with dirt poor hunters/farmers etc, NOT a wealthy entrepreneurs.
"A handful of US finance companies cannot be allowed to decide how the whole world votes with its pocket."

- Wikileaks, 28 June 2011
Ran out of Memo funds LPing on THORChain, send sats and I send back gratitude!
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May as well? If people are switching front ends a lot it may come in handy. Otherwise no, but i want to see a multi-client future
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I think we need a "Mute Thread" button, for the threads that won't die. Not sure the mechanism. Should it be on the blockchain like muted users?
SILENTSAM has been silent since the first. I'm gonna go ahead & call it that he's died of COVID.
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I've been promoting them in my videos for years. Not really impressed with how the end-user product turned out lately though.
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I was using it for a while to try to earn some tokens, then i realized it was on Ethereum, and how long it would take to just afford a fee, lol
A business I frequent STOPPED accepting banking services and now is cash+crypto only (I've always paid them in Dash).

I keep telling you guys, my "living on crypto" thing won't be so weird in just a couple years.😉
779d · Censorship
Twitter BANS Project Veritas within Minutes of Exposing .doc of #Fauci Crimes
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Edit: This is misleading. Because it was Satoshi who did it, I didnt realize the full details when i posted it. And it was a bit of a semantic argument anyways.
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| bitclout.
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s. But i finally found them.

Member is the new defacto implementation of Memo for now, as far as im concerned.

Although i want to see more implementations, especially since i dislike
Im finally back!

Memo.cash does not work for me anymore. I can't post on there. I thought I was screwed because Memo also changed their key format, and i couldn't find my original key
You can advocate for "Eating the rich" or underage porn on twitter freely, yet they ban you swiftly if you're mildly anti-establishment.
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But Elijah's Extreme is perfect. You can smother your food in it but you dont need a lot, and it has a kick but it doesnt make you regret it.