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I am leaving Memo until BSV is removed. I'm not a BCH maximalist, but I strongly dislike the leadership of BSV. It was fun interacting with many of you.
Printing another round of paper wallets (double-sided on linen paper, looks and feels authentic!) to have on hand whenever the conversation goes that way, bam! blow your mind ;)
#BitcoinCash caught on camera dodging the attacks of BTC and BSV shills...

· 41d
Watched the weekly bitcoin.com news show and was reminded of BCH's ultimate goal of 50 on chain txs/day for 10 billion people. I think that message isn't heard enough. #dailymemo
Migrated abroad with 50EUR in my pocket and bootstrapped 3 companies.
Got into Bitcoin in 2011.
Sold between 6K-18K.
Found a wife who plays coop.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm the fucking definition of luck. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
There is literally NO USERS on the SV branch. All it does is scaring away users.
After all the pathetic stuff SV shills did in the past 1 year, What more do you need, @memo to delist it?
We have got more daily transactions than LTC and DOGE since April, 2019.
Win or lose, we are on the right side of history. Go BCH!
People were enthusiastic about the concept of p2p money and its implications. Today, people are religious about the price only.
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Or if you're paying with BTC
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I do it sometimes on uphold. Plus you can buy there platinum, cryptos, eur, swiss francs, yens etc.
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free speech!!!!!
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He can't even prove that he has 17 degrees. Much less prove that he is satoshi
local.bitcoin.com really seems like it has the potential to be a Gamechanger. Even people that prefer other coins may use it as a fiat/crypto gateway if it works as good as it sounds.

Guys thanks a lot for your support. I really appreciate it. Memo overpassed my expectations, I didn't think at first it was going to turn out that good.
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Go back to posting your trash images exclusively on the BSV chain
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"hate speech"
This is why we have memo.cash. Someone should tell these guys about it. #dailymemo

#BCH #BTC #bitcoin #crytpo
Was honored to join Gabriel in discussing what's setting Bitcoin Cash apart to the North Queensland BCH meetup. Great work Hayden on organizing that awesome meetup! #dailymemo
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How do you know for sure that they are completely peaceful?