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· 4d
Well that's the last time I donate to an official BCH developer fundraiser. No transparency.
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I have been doing gigs with my band in Germany & Belgium, promoting Bitcoin Cash at the same time.
· 14d
Contact the Blitz group and tell them to stop spamming the BCH network with their Blitz ticker transactions.

replied · 19d
Government needs tax slaves. If they nuke half of them, they will lose
replied · 19d
Great point.
replied · 19d
I wouldn't necessarily call those people "freedom-lovers" just ordinary Republicans. But I get your point.
replied · 19d
Couldn't disagree more. I'll just leave it at that.
replied · 19d
It was a question not a statement. And it's not a straw man argument. What other freedoms should the government restrict to "protect its citizens"?
replied · 19d
So you want to ban guns because people could hurt themselves? Are you also against fireworks? Again, I'm surprised some of you statists even support cryptocurrency.
replied · 19d
Things would be different in the case of extreme overreach like bombing someone's house.
replied · 19d
Ha you are one liberal dude. I take it you mean illegal immigrants which are enemy invaders. Killing illegal immigrants does not equal being pro-government.
· 19d
Orange man bad. Orange man take away our guns.
replied · 19d
My gun wouldn't do anything. But militias would rise up and fight the government if the government waged war like that against its citizens.
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replied · 19d
Small arms do help limit the power of government, just not as much. Also I didn't specially mention small-arms.
replied · 19d
The government would be all-powerful if guns were illegal. Again, look at Venezuela. You are in the minority here. Most crypto supporters are pro-freedom and limited government.
replied · 19d
Look at what happened in Venezuela. Their government disarmed the public and now the citizens can't do anything but ask for outside help.
replied · 19d
The police and military take orders from the government. The 2nd amendment isn't just about owning guns, it's about limiting the power of the government.
replied · 20d
So you want to restrict gun rights and give the government more power? That's a dangerous idea.
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replied · 55d
Makes sense. Hopefully there will be enough interest so you can lay out a more detailed plan.
replied · 55d
I completely agree