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· 59d · Memo
You can now easily share posts and profiles using the explorer dropdown (top right of posts, next to image in profiles). These also use shortened URLs.
· 62d
Dividends now live on Bitcoin Cash.
· 63d
anyone interested in a chess game?? 10k sats on the line!!!
replied · 64d
Thanks man, you played great
sent · 1,000 sats · 64d
Calm_Down_Stupid needs to get on this Chess board!!!
sent · 1,000 sats · 64d
replied · 65d
White men are people too
You're an embarrassment to white people, your posts on Memo are all complete trash.

Keep trolling though mate, it's only helping BCH now that we have a block function
replied · 65d
White men are people too
Lol I'm not censoring myself, I'm filtering and calling out trolls trying to discredit Memo and BCH by bringing incel, fascist, and other embarrassing ideologies to the platform
replied · 69d
Memo may also add a burn feature. But not a high priority
replied · 69d
Would be a useful feature.
Bitcoin Cash Activist Man Of No Ego
· 71d
Fellow Memo heads, Beaware, an account here (NotAdmin) is selling fake spice, honk beer and is a scammer
replied · 71d
I like the idea. How do you distinguish between a real referral and someone creating multiple accounts?
· 72d
Weekend feels awesome! How's your weekend my dear BCH Community guys?
· 72d · memo
The number of active users is continuously increasing. Memo is on the right track.
· 72d · Capitalism
I've taken classes at uni on Glass-Steagall, I trust experts' views over Youtube personalities. Banks and lobbyists can easily pay for Z-list celebs/vids, you should read more scholarly articles
· 74d
I don't love Bitcoin Cash, I love my family. But I love to use Bitcoin Cash very much. #dailymemo
replied · 76d
It was me, sorry, can you send it back to me ? Thanks
· 85d
Good Morning Memo! I hope the weather is nice in your area, and everyone is doing well :) I think Im gonna stop by my local vape shop and spread the word about BCH, to try to build a stronger community:) Wish Me Luck!
· 86d
It's weekend and some dude bought almost all my holy shit!

So now I will create the holiest of holy shit token!
· 87d
BCHgallery has been updated to v1.3.3!

· 87d
Bitcoin Cash for Everyone ! (Sorry for the low value message, this is my first memo post)
replied · 88d
Can't get rid of the thought that it's all creating sockpuppets.
sent · 555 sats · 88d
This type of user is one of the reasons the mempool limit is still useful, Memo 😙

Especially when these wasteful actions are being performed with faucet funds
· 90d
Average number of transactions per block:
Last 3 h
BTC: 2218.29
BCH: 581.08
BCH > 26% of BTC tx's
· 91d
While you're watching meaningless numbers jump around, life is going on without you.