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I didn't do it and I have a alibi.


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I freaking love Easter bank holidays.
It's Friday and it's beer o'clock :-)
Pro tip, put your seed in a very safe place with detailed instructions on what it is and how to restore it. Put it somewhere your family will find it if you have a accident and die.
Passed a good busker this morning, knocking out some quality tunes on a handmade biscuit tin guitar. Had no cash on me.

Buskers of the world, print up a nice big A4 qr code. I'd send you a couple £ worth
My next door neighbour was mowing his lawn dragging his electric cable around. I got my petrol mower and strimmer out. I know he felt inferior.
Grand national sweepstake.

Reply with the name of your horse (try to pick a horse not already chosen, incase of multiple entries, first to reply gets the horse)

25k sat first
10k sat 2nd
5k sat 3rd

Best of luck
Today not started well, spilt coffee on white shirt. Ffs.
when you have things to do but are stuck in waiting for a delivery........... come on ffs
Hello to the people watching the btc dumbasses que up for a expensive bus ride on txstreet!!
Off go karting today. Vroom vroom lol!
Sunny Sunday. Love it :-)
Seen this and it not got many replies on reddit. Animal loving kid in hospital wants animal pictures.
Do it memo.
When did the "send" option get added? Only just noticed it.
Moms v dads

My son just came in with a bloody nose after falling over playing basket ball.

Me, "how you do that?"

Wife, antiseptic wipes out and now of up to hospital incase he hurt his neck or has concussion.
I do like a nice cup of tea. Especially when you just got home from shopping and bought a bag of cookies :-)
England to win this afternoon.
Wash the car or just take it to the car wash. Can't decide.
Getting the lawn mower out, first time this year. Got to say it does put a smile on my face that the daffodils are out and the sun is shining. I hate winter, bring on the summer :-)
Bless you.

(for anyone who just sneezed)
Im buying some jam doughnuts today, why? Cuss I love em :-)
Result, found half a tub of ice-cream left over from Christmas in the freezer 😀😀😀😀
Oh dear, people are finding their btc transactions stuck, well who would of thought that would happen, again. And lukejr wants to make the blocks even smaller. Is it wake up and smell the coffee time for coretards?
Had a really odd dream last night, I was watching the space station fly over, it was day time and it the space station was huge like it wasn't very high in the sky. I (in dream) thought this isn't right then woke up.