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I didn't do it and I have a alibi.


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Have to agree, I thought handcash was great. The way they handled the switch to sv though was dreadful.
Bless you.

(for anyone who just sneezed)
Im buying some jam doughnuts today, why? Cuss I love em :-)
I've just given you a $2,000 like.
I paid for coffee today in my home town with BCH. I was so happy afterwards :). And the merchant is going to the meet up :=)
44 is UK. Did coin text have to get a extra license or comply with Jersey specific rules? Coincidently, I've been told on Jersey sometimes you get a better phone signal from France!
Result, found half a tub of ice-cream left over from Christmas in the freezer 😀😀😀😀
I am beta testing CoinText for Denmark right now 😎
Oh dear, people are finding their btc transactions stuck, well who would of thought that would happen, again. And lukejr wants to make the blocks even smaller. Is it wake up and smell the coffee time for coretards?
just import the private key to another wallet
Sybil resistance
Had a really odd dream last night, I was watching the space station fly over, it was day time and it the space station was huge like it wasn't very high in the sky. I (in dream) thought this isn't right then woke up.
He knows people.......
Never been to Denmark which is all the more reason for me to go to Denmark :-)
It did :-)
Good morning world.
Just opened a bottle of glenfiddich. Well why not it is Wednesday night.
Stay safe over there my friend.
Feel free to tip them to me if you going full SV. I'm still old school memo and will use them :-)
In cold weather use a potato cut in half to de-ice your car windscreen. Rub the potato over the windscreen the night before and the starch will prevent ice forming.
Don't rub to hard or u could chip the windscreen