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Here is a very interesting and fascinating paper from 2013 which discusses the viability of 0-conf on the Bitcoin network:
Lets celebrate Tipping Tuesday, come get some free Bitcoin-BCH, the real Bitcoin as Satoshi envisioned!
Reminder for newbs, Some thoughts about the possible Bitcoin Segwit, Bilderberg/AXA/BockStream/Core, In-Q-Tel, CIA connection:
Former /r/bitcoin mod slanders Roger Ver calling him con-artist and fraud:

Is it time for people like Roger to file Defamation Lawsuits against these scumbag liars, and put an end to the lies?
SegChain Tech is not the same as BlockChain Tech:
Bitcoin Cash is spreading Satoshi's Vision of Economic Liberty worldwide!
May 15th Bitcoin Cash upgrade is not a hard fork, its an easy fork.
Proof of my identity:
Bitcoin Cash solves the Fidelity Problem:
Bitcoin Cash is the Manifestation of the Honey Badger!
The Price of Bitcoin is Eternal Vigilance