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Here is a very interesting and fascinating paper from 2013 which discusses the viability of 0-conf on the Bitcoin network:
Lets celebrate Tipping Tuesday, come get some free Bitcoin-BCH, the real Bitcoin as Satoshi envisioned!
Reminder for newbs, Some thoughts about the possible Bitcoin Segwit, Bilderberg/AXA/BockStream/Core, In-Q-Tel, CIA connection:
The political battle is important, and should not be abandoned, as Derek Magill says: "Good things of BCH are inseparably bound to the bad things of BTC-Core":
Former /r/bitcoin mod slanders Roger Ver calling him con-artist and fraud:

Is it time for people like Roger to file Defamation Lawsuits against these scumbag liars, and put an end to the lies?
Tone... your icon looks like real Tone Vays
Well it looks a lot better than memo's UI
Seems BP planned for months before, better UI similar platform to memo
memo:tippening scales:flippening
all TXs have a home
on the freedom chain
Bit Coin casH is Bit Coin Hulk
SegChain Tech is not the same as BlockChain Tech:
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Lighthouse being resurrected on BCH!
Lighthouse being resurrected on BCH!
As a leader, you need think for the future.
Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin.
New features every day! Go Memo.Cash!
Bitcoin Cash is spreading Satoshi's Vision of Economic Liberty worldwide!
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Bitcoin Cash = Bitcoin