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Always crack me up :-)

#dailymemo #dailyshitpost
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Enjoy a nice adult beverage with the co-creator of https://txhighway.com - what a wild ride it's been. #dailymemo
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Justifying a ban with another ban is like justifying the afghanistan war with 9/11
· 127d
No more wasting time, or a lot less of it. #dailymemo
· 127d
#BTC: Socialist Silicon Valley SJW snowflake coin.

#BSV: Statist Alt-right flat-Earther coin.

#BCH: Freedom and free market coin.

· 127d
I have provided a loan of EUR 5000 to a fellow BCH user – the lending agreement is notarized on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain
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TIL interac etransfers are irreversible after deposit making them the easiest way to do a a trade on local.bitcoin.com for Canadians. Use my 🇨🇦 referral
https://local.bitcoin.com/r/maple #dailymemo
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Awesome project. Please tone it down though. Too much spam in my feed.
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I'd be interested to see how many active accounts there are. Like how many accounts post at least once every 3 days.
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You won. Congratulations!
Your fee: $2.000
Real fee: $1.7363
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· 130d · Bitcoin SV
Even Calvin's recent posts since 2 Jul no longer have #CraigIsSatoshi hashtag.
Lies cannot go on forever.
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Earning BCH through memo.cash, honest.cash and blockchain.poker so I can give it away on twitter. Feeling a bit like Robin Hood. #dailymemo
· 130d
Me & my friend Angel. Introducing her how Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash works. Telling her how memo.cash can also substitute twitter. Show some LOvE everyone! Thanks!
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BCH: 444858-443796=1062 memo txs. num of txs📈18.3%, account for 2.1% of all BCH txs(51744)
BSV: 773845-773667=178 memo txs, num of txs📉18.0%, (87869)
BTC: (367643)
In old stat standard
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Good night, greedy little fucktards.


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Obsessed with Bitcoin Cash? You should start a meetup.


Start one today and get support from Bitcoin.com

· 239d · memo
Sad to see people leave Memo because we don't drop support of whichever coin they don't like :(
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Bitcoin Cash and IPFS are the two hottest tech stacks. Going to check out radical.xyz next, which allows git over IPFS, including issues tracking! Uncensorable collaborative coding! #dailymemo