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The propagandist's purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human.

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536d · US Politics/Trump
HAHAHA Turmp is the all time biggest fucking loser! Lost 2 popular votes. Lost the EC. Lost a 2nd term. Lost the Senate. Lost the House. Lost the PGA. Just to name a few LUL
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You provide zero proof of your own intelligence, so shut the fuck up.
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Fuck off with this conspiracy nutjub bullshit.
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America is on the verge of collapse and it's live on Twitch. And Twitch streamers are covering it better than any of the "professional" news orgs.
Today America launched astronauts into orbit and had protests and riots while their President threatened citizens with "vicious dogs" and "ominous weapons" like an unhinged morbidly obese lunatic dictator. Contrast.
Well slap my ass would you look at that, US deaths up 1000 people in a single day after the holiday weekend of not counting deaths. Things will not be getting better in the US any time soon with President Fuckstain.
It is so obvious the US has stopped counting #COVID deaths to ensure they don't hit that insane 100k dead number during the memorial day weekend, but we all know they did and they're just fucking with the stats.
Please do keep taking the hydroxychloroquine president Clownface Von Fuckstain #COVID19

Remember when these snowflakes argued that bakeries shouldn't have to bake for "gay" weddings? Well now they want to force them to serve potential plague spreaders. Hypocrisy.
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Why? It clearly doesn't work. Might as well just take a placebo, at least they won't kill you.
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Except for all those people that died taking it, facts don't about your bullshit. I'm more likely to believe Trunt is lying about taking it and is playing his snake oil salesman role.
If there is any justice in this world Trump will die from taking Hydroxychloroquine
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Only one of those forks has development, improvements and forward motion. The others are stagnant or actively removing features and going backwards.
I updated my infographics of the main consensus forks of Bitcoin

Bernard Appiah
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Bernard Appiah
You mean the same god that by your logic is killing people using the coronavirus? You religitards are just so fucking stupid it's beyond belief.
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This mentally derange obese stupid fuckwad Donald Trunt is having a mental breakdown live on twitter and TVs across the world. He better hope he catches #COVID to change the topic.
The Big Baby Snowflake can't handle simple questions about #COVID deaths and his lies about USA doing the most testing
Slowly #COVID19 is surrounding the do nothing President. Pence's press secretary has tested positive now too. Donald is going to run off and hide like the little bitch he is soon.