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The propagandist's purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human.


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42d · US Politics/Trump
You know who benefits from pushing the bullshit narrative that all social media is untrustworthy and full of Russian lies? The dying and increasing irrelevant legacy mainstream media.
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Meanwhile Tesla pumps out killer EVs that can drive themselves and quietly in the background are producing and installing grid scale battery solutions and home solar+batteries.
45d · Tesla
Mercedes, VW and Jag all suspend EV sales (no batteries). VW delay ID3 (bad software), Taycan problems (fire/range). BMW barely trying (i3). GM, Honda, Toyota have no EV plans.
94d · Tesla
Another ICE car spontaneously catching fire. Enjoy your highly flammable cancer causing death machines ICE driving losers!
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133d · US Politics/Trump
Sarah Sanders: "Trump reads more than anybody I know"; she's pretty dumb not to understand just how badly that paints her and everyone she knows, but she's always been seriously stupid.
136d · US Politics/Trump
Nunes meets with Victor Shokin (the corrupt Ukrainian prosecutor) in Vienna. One guess where Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman were heading before they were arrested at Dulles Airport.. Vienna.
136d · US Politics/Trump
The utter and total contempt for the rule of law is astounding
136d · US Politics/Trump
Nunes played an active part of the criminal conspiracy he is investigating in the impeachment hearing. [G]aslight, [O]bstruct, [P]roject.
137d · Tesla
Honestly if it didn't have those aggressively hard creased corners I could see myself liking it, but as is it's a hard no. Also the tail seems out of proportion to the rest of the truck.
138d · Tesla
I like Tesla and their mission, but this is bad and they should feel bad too.
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never heard of the sub, sounds awful and looks to be full of butthurt losers who lead boring pointless lives desperately seeking someone to blame other than themselves.
139d · US Politics/Trump
This bullshit three ring circus sideshow of freaks here in this hopeless fucking hole … the only way to fix it is to flush it all away. Any fucking time, any fucking day. Ænema—Tool.
Please do keep tipping my posts with your self minted worthless passive aggressive shittokens, it just shows me that you're butthurt with no way to defend your bullshit position.
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Pardoning this blatant criminal would be just as detrimental to Trump as him snitching, I reckon Trump having him "Epsteined" is more likely.
144d · US Politics/Trump
Roger Stone is a convicted felon and will now sing like a canary to reduce his prison time. Trump and his family are fucked. If you are still supporting Trump you are a fucking idiot.
I find it very interesting that *boomer* is being used as an insult now. Interesting inter-generational times ahead.
178d · Tesla
I love how Tesla is the only car manufacturer with an active topic on memo, says so much.
183d · US Politics/Trump
Burning shit tokens is now one of my favourite things
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193d · US Politics/Trump