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Let's just say that I like art and crypto


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replied 14h
This doesn't look like a social media website.
replied 3d
I will let you know if I need the asistance. Thank you for recommending that website.
replied 3d
I understand. In that case I wish you luck.
replied 3d
Nobody will provide you with anything my friend, none of them are women, but the mascaraded men who are here to fleece you and your friends for free money. I'm only being honest.
muted 3d
There is no magical horn of plenty.
replied 4d
follow must pay??
sent · 12,000 sats 4d
Please sell me 3BLURT for publishing content on Blurt for ghostoftomorrow. It needs fee.
replied 93d
The Twitter is no longer fun. They are hacked.
replied 93d
Member Cash is cool, but now both your version and default give me the errors.
replied 93d
Congratulations my dear friend! I received 50 dollars from him just recently. I hope your health condition improves. God bless. :))
replied 93d
Boss, what have you done with your Twitter account?
replied 93d
What is this? New thing? Oh OK.
I no longer have the IPFS and I need to search that file. Can you wait till tomorrow?
replied 114d
I don't have the time for all of this, send me the list of the websites that are acceptable.
replied 114d
I never worked with the Pakistani, but I know that the Chinese work ethic is not the most pleasant.
replied 114d
And now my friends we have the mystery novel.
replied 114d
Unusual Uther
Registrant State/Province: Charlestown
Registrant Country: KN

Yes, but the country code is not the United States.
replied 114d
wrong about the China either, or speculate, because it could be anything. They are acting very weird.
replied 114d
I think that registrant country listed is not China, but the Saint Kitts and Nevis, the small country situated on the isolated island in the Atlantic ocean. I will not say that you are
replied 120d
Thanks boss! Love you!
replied 120d
I know, but I still did not turn vampire to appreciate it lol
replied 120d
Yes, that makes sense. It was the unexpected information to see you compete for the iPhone. I suspected that yours broke.
replied 120d