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One million freedom lovers & human rights activists demonstrating in Berlín against #coronahoax, police is making fun of themselves by telling them to wear masks and nobody listens 😂
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"Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth." -Henry David Thoreau
White men are people too
18d · coronavirus
The SARS-COV2 virus seems to not have been properly isolated. That is a big deal.
28d · Twitter
You don't really own your Twitter handle.

Twitter owns it.

Twitter has the ultimate authority over who posts with your identity, not you.
Beautiful Garden relieves fatigue🌲🌳💐

Goodmorning have a blessed monday everyone still keep safe., 🙏😇
32d · COVID-19
New Study Suggests COVID Was Spreading Earlier/Far Less Deadly & Trump's BlackRock Take Over
#COVID19 #Coronavirus #BlackRock #BailOut #Pentagon #WHO #Antibodies #TheDailyWrapUp
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The towns with armed citizens have no riots. Police have no duty to protect you. You are on your own either with a gun or with nothing.

Why I LOVE Oakland, California (Bix Weir)
5,809 views•Jun 2, 2020


91d · Freedom
I dedicate this first thread
to those of us who now endure "indefinite"
exile from the embrace of our cherished ones
at the whims of authoritarian egomaniacs
in government bureaucracies.
91d · Jokes
I find it almost amusing that today
I can walk into a store and purchase marijuana with impunity...
but I have to meet my barber in a dark alley with unmarked bills to get a haircut.
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... and The One Law asks will this Harm anyone ?
Indoor vertical farms?

anecdotal observation of people i know: those who are pro lockdown find lockdown challenging (isolation wise). Those who are anti lockdown (ethically speaking) seem quite content in relative solitude.
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You are probably onto something good in that line of thinking:
Perhaps we could organize a lockdown of politicians ?
Just imagine how many lives would be saved.!.
Bitcoin Cash Activist
Bitcoin Cash Activist

Irish corruption exposed
White men are people too
105d · RogerVer says
In my view, he is quite right. Most countries now do not have a healthsystem overload, and loosening up restrictions is the natural response as our cure is getting far worse than the disease
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White men are people too
I sell respiratory equipment for a living, the hospitals are dead, nobody there. The staff is home.
Bitcoin Cash Activist
Im so happy this video is going viral right now. Please watch and share its so fucking important.
110d · The-One-Law
In the court of The One Law:
Vaccination of a Being
who does not consent
is Harm committed
by whosever inflicts such vaccination.
Such Harm is bodily violence beyond restitution.
113d · COVID-19
It's called a ( plan-demic) guys not a pandemic 😭🤣😆 to be honest just a big money push for manufacturing false 19 testing ... Love y'all from Toronto Canada