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204d · Joker quotes
Our business is run on trust. We trust you will pay in advance.
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Thanks. The Fauci bit is at 2min in.
209d · favorite quotes
I have seen the Great Pretender and he is not what he seems.
211d · favorite quotes
Anarchy may not be a better form of government, but it's better than no government at all.
211d · favorite quotes
What is the robbing of a bank compared to the founding of a bank?
-- Bertold Brecht
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White men are people too
I agree with the "perfect storm" comment below. OZ seems an ideal place to experiment with takeover schemes a la NWO.
217d · Great Reset

This Halloween could be interesting in Australia:
Be sure to prepare lots of popcorn, nachos, and beverages.
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I hope this turns out well for Australia. However, what would stop the oz government from inviting in UN or other foreign troops to protect them from its own citizens?
216d · Quotes
How come wrong numbers are never busy?
224d · COVID-19
217d · favorite quotes
I used to think that the brain was the most wonderful organ in
my body. Then I realized who was telling me this.
Mcdonalds china launches its firstever nft
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Dr Fauci and others at the Milken Institute discussing future "flu" in Oct 2019.
How did they know?
219d · covid-19
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In case youtube takes down the video, it is mirrored on Rumble:

223d · COVID-19
223d · COVID-19
223d · Quotes
A closed mouth gathers no foot.
267d · The-One-Law
How to recognize those who support and empower the violations of others:
They follow orders,
244d · heroes
Brisbane Crowd:
All that was necessary was
one person amongst many beginning a relentless effort
to end the violation of an innocent.
228d · humor
Think honk if you're a telepath.
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Thanks. I'll give it a try.
replied 246d
There has to be a way to sync the chain in pruned mode.
I actually just need to use the view key to see the balance.
This should be available in a block explorer online. No?