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The British pound, the oldest fiat money with 317 years. Originally defined as 12 oz. of silver. Now worth less than 0.5% of its original value. The most "successful" long currency lost 99% of its value, Got bitcoin?
We agree on one thing I think. Perhaps healthcare could focus on strengthening imunocompetence in kids. One clinically proven method is simply breastfeeding for a longer period.
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I've enjoyed having this civil debate. We could go on for a long time and never agree. I'll keep an open mind and I hope you will too.
Measles is no more harmful than common cold. Having it strengthens the immune system. Meanwhile, a lot of kids have been injured by the vaccine.
I enjoyed the civil debate.
No suspects or convicted criminals can take their kids with them to jail in the US. No excuse for this. Law needs to be changed. Some Latin-american countries are kinder to families.
Eg: Lawsuit filed 2010: two former employees accuse Merck of overstating the effectiveness of its mumps, measles, and rubella vaccine.
If scientist gives results favorable to the vaccine then his results are published and he'll likely get more grant money later.
yup. Scientists compete for grant money and pharma pays big.
because the manhattan project
I couldn't agree more. But isn't news also mostly propaganda?
We all get to choose our heroes. The choice is simpler of course for those with Stockholm syndrome.
Maybe you're right. After all, Bill Gates, CNN, and GlaxoSmithKline have all made similar claims and none of those guys would ever lie.
When you control mainstream media faking stuff is child's play.
Who do you think financed the curation of the epidemiological data?
Consensus can be manufactured -- especially when the makers of drugs and vaccines finance much of the "testing" .
UK Column

Remember when Germany was supplying Israel with submarines? Today Germany has not a single working sub in its own navy.
Anybody moving to https://poster.cash/ just for the mute function.
Vitamin B12 is actually a bacteria which can be absorbed by the skin. Simply walk without shoes in nature to cure many disease. Reflexology massage for free and curing hip/back disease too.
It's sad we inject our kids with heavy metals and toxic chemicals. Robs children of their destiny. Read "The Learned Protocols of the Elders of Zion" - toxic vaccines planned to destroy goyim
Dr Suzanne Humphreys, Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, and, Dr. Graham Downing are medical docs who spent thousands of hours studying vaccine effects.
In med school your family doc spent about 2 hrs.
We're living in a simulation.
yup. totally grey.
Firefox on linux. Logged in to moneybutton.com, still no result. I do not have a touch screen, assuming mouse can drag the money button switch.
I tried it but the money button is not clickable or nothing happens when you click it.
I wonder if there's an easy way to link up the chapters so the book could be read in some sort of reader.