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Nnnnope lol
Probably North Korea if you're a rebel
Also rooted in money worship and thinking it can solve all your problems/inherently provides happiness and safety
There are several glaring inaccuracies just in his opening statements. I'm not sure if it's a character he's playing at this point, it's like his field of study is fellating himself lol
The only argument I've seen Peterson stand behind is "You got offended by my sweeping generalizations, so therefore I'm right" lol

The guy's a pretentious hack, even worse than Tucker Carlson
https://www.cbsnews.com/news/elizabeth-warren-calls-on-congress-to-begin-impeachment-proceedings-against-trump/ this is from today, still calling for impeachment. He obstructed justice
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Unfollow V. He's a Core troll, he was posting shit like this on faucet funds before I called him out
I thought they found 10 instances of potential obstruction of justice
Ask for Bitcoin when you buy: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/bejoqk/ask_for_bitcoin_when_you_buy/

Actually some good discussion of fees/adoption here
Makes sense, since more different types of organisms means higher chances that one might be suited to the changes
The only truther argument that still seems slightly suspicious was building 7, I'm sure that rubble or vibrations could have caused it though. I really just care about punishing the war criminals
Everyone should raise their default tip for Memo's birthday, it will drive more interest and adoption

Happy one year anniversary everyone, love you all! Long live Memo and blockchain!
Everyone should check out memo.sv posthaste. One of the biggest cringefests I've ever seen, there are wanted posters for CZ and Starcraft memes about revenge lol.

It's like Bots Gone Wild over there rn
Binance needs to act on Greg Maxwell too, he's toxic to the entire crypto sector

The US govt spreads stupid conspiracy theories to make the obvious ones more stigmatized, it's plain as day that some mishandled the War on Terror though, and they should be held accountable
911 Truth movements are typically full of weirdos and people spouting obvious conjecture, but that doesn't make them all wrong. Just like how there are some govt officials who did nothing wrong
I'm not saying it does Sam, I'm saying that the way they handled 911 is criminal in itself. It doesn't matter who did it, when US govt caused the mess in the Middle East and funded the terrorists
Holy shit, it took even less to kill BSV than I thought. Thanks Binance!
Looks like it's capitalism that doesn't work, this along with ED drugs being prioritized over antibiotics is making all the arguments against the Nordic model look like projection

Companies kept quiet about China hacks because they were worried it would tank their stock price lol
It doesn't really matter if they were behind it directly, they fucked up the middle east, funded the terrorists, and jumped on the chance to use it as basis for widespread war/militarizing police