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15h · COVID-19
China fails to report every single case - "CCP is evil incarnate and intentionally spreading the virus!"

[US Military stops reporting cases entirely](https://bch.gg/2c3) - *crickets*
replied 15h
We enjoy a couple nightly gin and tonics, (hydroxy)chloroquine is just synthetic quinine.

Not advocating its effectiveness against the virus though, we drink for the taste
replied 1d
They are mostly sockpuppets, obviously. I love how Eliz's response answers for all of them though lol
1d · coronavirus
replied 2d
foreigners and minorities, if not more.
replied 2d
support. Stupid people need something to occupy themselves though, and I've spoken with enough rednecks to know that they get just as much enjoyment out of talking shit about
replied 2d
of satisfaction in attacking groups they hate, similar to how sports fans will often spend most of their time talking trash about rival teams, rather than praising the ones they
replied 2d
was most easily/recently apparent in the exodus of fans from the NFL just over players kneeling and the consequent presidential uproar. People with extreme biases find massive levels
replied 2d
towards more hot conflicts and uprisings.

The comparison to the Roman B&C era is still fitting, but it has been for a long time. I'd say that this replacement of sports with politics
replied 2d
still exist regardless of which party/political affiliation is in power though, as long as governments and private companies benefit from it, and it indicates that we're heading
replied 2d
conditions awfully quick, and just over the idea that some could secretly be Muslims, so it's likely that we're heading that direction fast. The dangers of violence and control will
replied 2d
government, etc. It's concerning to see Stalin's tactics openly used so soon after the end of the Cold War, but Americans got onboard with caging people for fleeing cartels and war
replied 2d
as gay if they oppose politicians legislating that homosexuals aren't people/deserving of human rights, how Chinese citizens being imprisoned for posting anything critical of the
replied 2d
how Duterte and his supporters will often label political opponents as "drug addicts" in order to kill them in the street without consequence, how people in Russia are often labeled
replied 2d
how Romney was instantly a Democrat after he disagreed on impeachment, despite being the prior GOP presidential candidate.

This effect is more pronounced in other countries, seen in
replied 2d
the more effective way of subduing a populace, but now they're moving into force-feeding their bases what they should believe and calling anyone who disagrees the enemy, similar to
replied 2d
hominem-driven campaigns between nations, blocs and political parties, and now most people are simply calling any news that contradicts their chosen narrative "fake." Sports were once
replied 2d
propaganda aiming to make citizens see politics and related issues like sports.

We've been seeing a gradual shift away from platforms and logic into entirely emotion- and ad
replied 2d
I understand, I'm just saying that digital mediums better fit the role of the circuses in the modern "bread and circuses" analogy, especially with so many governments putting out
Memo pub quiz night.

Got a Idea, tonight at 7 a pub quiz, 5 questions, first to reply to with correct answer wins a 🍺.

Who wants to play ?

7pm GMT ( around 4 1/2 hours from now)
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replied 3d
The stupidity pandemic has been ongoing since the 80's
replied 3d
You're not actually supporting real capitalism though, that's my entire point. You're just too stupid to recognize crony capitalism when it's blowing up in front of you
replied 3d
That's not corruption, that's systemic failure. Prioritizing corporations and short-term profits over your populace is the reason you see Western society crumbling right n ow
3d · Capitalism
https://bch.gg/2by EPA suspends environmental law enforcement suspended under guise of addressing pandemic

**Retroactive from March 13.** I wonder which hard-lobbying MNC shit the bed lol