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Contrary to popular belief, @nfl is not cool.

The players are a bunch of mules killing each other on the field for a piece of pig.
What could drive up interest in this farce market better than a new wave of Satoshi reveal hysteria....

Nazi scum Jeff Hall, killed by his 10 year old son while indoctrinating and teaching him to shoot at the US-Mexico border lol
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I think Avalanche might be the solution you're looking for. I'm not sure if instant blocks or altering difficulty would fix it
replied · 9h
That would then be "continual manipulation".
Nice idea but not quite.
What needs to happen is if the block fails at ~15-20 minutes
Difficulty could ratchet down "ad-hoc" @ "one-off".
Continual manipulation invites havoc.
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POTify . Streaming highs anywhere anytime , any strain . Made from a dirty ashtray and a few raw cones . #art #cannabis #creativedesign #bchpls
Blockstreams 1mb btc on lock down from community building.
Forces users to use their company tech,Lightning if they want faster and cheaper tx.
SLP gives a far superior user experience when compared to Lightning.
"BTC maximalist" is synonymous with "brain minimalist"
TA is good for only one thing. It's yet another excellent retard tag.
SLP tx fees go to BCH miners ..miners secure SLP....this creates a beautiful looped economy.
Lightning fees to to LN nodes... ignoring btc miners that secure LN...this creates a fkd economy.
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I don't think he was denying climate change, only saying that it was too late to do anything about it. IMO it is probably too late for humans, but maybe not for other life
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You only have 75 total actions here, and most are just junk token sends. Show me where you're adding any value or conversation to the chain
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Done!! Always looking for ways to earn some SPICE
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He's a troll, check his post history. Most likely a SVer/jim_btc alt
I was in a sphere, with a deer, who said, let's be clear,

There is only one SLP we should revere, and he said it was 🍺.

So listen to the deer, and everyone cheer while sipping on your, ice, cold,🍺 :-)
The Litecoin foundation will be out of money by the end of the year. Nobody donating. Goodbye Litecoin. Would hate to be holding that junk.
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Please note this accounts quite new and bitcoinxio said he suspected the Reddit account is run by jimbtc, the guy who has said he's building up a army of troll accounts to disrupt BCH
I have been doing gigs with my band in Germany & Belgium, promoting Bitcoin Cash at the same time.
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Instead of trying to prevent people from manipulating the market cap page I think I need to remove the restrictions and add "favorite tokens" and sort by most popular instead of price.
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works also in Opera, Brave, Vivaldi and other chromium based browsers
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Thanks man