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Richard knife
· 42m
I'm wondering if that last tip I received was a bribe to get me to shut up because I haven't received any more tips LOL
· 6h
My listing is now live. Selling my cancer awareness SLP tokens on ebay for 1.00. 90% of the sale is donated to the city CITY of HOPE. 1st ever SLP token sold on ebay. And yes I called ebay and they approved this.
replied · 2h
Shared the 60 Euro cents actual win - the price for the ticket was EUR 20 - the ticket value is now EUR 20.60
· 23h · US Politics/Trump
Lol meanwhile, the radicalized right is still so enraged over a 16-year-old, that they're openly targeting children with death threats
· 1d
6 Monitoring Websites That Help Track Bitcoin Cash Data

muted · 1d
replied · 1d
Thanks. Yours is updated now but if they disappear again please let me know.
· 1d · Tokens
If anyone notices tokens missing from their profile please let me know. There have been a few reports recently, trying to get to the bottom of it.
· 1d
Is this the end of Libra? I think Visa and Master are sabotageing this project intentionely. Same thing did Microsoft with IBM to prevent OS/2.
replied · 1d
Yep. Libra is done. Too bad BCH doesn't get a pop in price since it took a hit when Libra was announced.
replied · 1d
Total i orden musiksmag means that one has a good taste of music (but said in a way that's hard/impossible to translate into English)
replied · 1d
TOMS (Total i Orden MusikSmag) is a saying from a range of TV commercials in Denmark in the 00's. It got so popular there was made a movie with the same people.
· 1d · bitcoincash blog
why the spam?
· 1d · Hong Kong
Tiananmen Square Tank Man Footage.
replied · 1d
You could do this from test profile so you wouldn't ruin your rep
· 1d

replied · 1d
Bitcoin is an economic system, and as such, it needs developers who understand both coding and economics. I think Amaury Séchet does understand all this and values usability as well a
· 1d
I just had a Telegram text chat with Amaury Sechet ...
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· 1d · 🌶️Coinspice
the moment I saw this 3d print I thought of coinspice :D
· 1d
Check out my blog you memo lovers! https://joeytrend.com/trending-blog/
replied · 1d
damn memberapp.github.io looks pretty cool..
replied · 1d
I've just upvoted it. It had 5 a few secs ago. Now it has 3. Wtf
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Unusual Uther
replied · 1d
Did you down vote yourself to make us look bad on purpose?
· 1d
https://bch.gg/1vf Mentioned Memo and Member here, got downvoted. Typical /r/cryptocurrency