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4/ ..process, and it will take time, but all of this lost money will be returned into circulation.

Those are his exact words, but I will agree that CSW loves echo chambers
I'm just basing it on his refusal to prove that he was Satoshi in the past, I really *really* hope he testifies under oath. You should pressure him to do it, for the good of BSV lol
Hope he does, it would be hilarious to finally see him in a position where he can't storm out of the room when he hears something he doesn't like. He'll find an excuse to weasel out
Oh god, it's so cringey. The entire thing is filled with typos and threats against Ethereum over patents lol. I agree with his points about BTC restriction, but damn. He's a clown.
BCH is leading by about as much as BSV was in December. Make sure to vote everyone, larger sample size will ensure greater accuracy
I think he meant to type "stars' movement difference between hemispheres". There's also no explanation of why other planets/stars are spheres, unless they're flat & always facing Earth
"You split, we bankrupt you!" Gets ass kicked. 😆
I agree. The way I see it, we now have two robust big-block projects, proving all small block propaganda is a lie. Hopefully one of us can scale to global usage, good luck to you guys!
It did more harm than good - for the short term. But in the end I think both sides agree it was worth it in the long run, and the sooner it happened the better. But yes, sucks.
I love non-political conspiracy theories and contrarian ideas, but not when easily dispelled with math and logic. The only evidence cited is usually bible verses or optical illusions
"If I recall correctly." I studied astrophysics in college, I'm not really able to entertain the idea of a flat planet, it just isn't possible. There's lots of math/evidence against it
Not sure if you guys are aware, but the last time I checked out Handcash on the android store, it was still listed as using BCH. I'm seeing the same thing in the Cashport FAQs too
Flat-earthers are the most retarded people on the planet.
Credit cards suck for retailers
Didn't Eratosthenes prove the curvature of the Earth like in 200BC too? You can do the entire experiment just using shadows IIRC, it's hilarious that flat earthers are building rockets
Flat earth, despite ad hoc theories created to fit the model, has been debunked millions of times. They can't found a model to explain starts movement differences between hemispheres
Ahh I see. Are you sure it is not open source? I mean it is a fork of Bitpay CoPay wallet already.
I'm interested what could be highly controversial about BSV, at least given Craig's stated goal of not allowing anything illegal on the blockchain. Hope it works out for you guys