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All your polls are belong to us.
Imgur is mad at me or whatever.
Maybe if everything wasn't screwed up in the world I wouldn't have too drink and all this dumb shit wouldn't happen.
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They are demons that want people too suicide, I think they want me too suicide and I bet they want a bunch of others too suicide too which is why I see adds saying "YOU'RE GONNA DIE!".
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I don't want any sympathy from anyone, I hope they keep going so I can document it further.
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Amazing, well done :)
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It's substantially better!

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Youtube is not a video platform, it is a psychological warfare weapon.
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Damn, Ive 5 LoL
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Thanks for buying my music tokens

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The largest word right?
Mohammad Abdullah
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Just Ignore everyone in the government, do not even use their worthless paper currency.
They just want you to suck dick for the rest of your life.
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