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Me, today.
Hello everyone, how are you doing?
37d · test
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Customer support:)
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Customer support:)
I'm working like a dog lol but it's totally worthing :)
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Can I has a beer token? Please?
I got some BCH selling my waifus here , really awesome
Okay so what I learned today is that you can force two neodymium magnets together with a bolt and a lug nut, and then when you drop it, it will fall slower than an object with out such a magnetic disturbance.
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I see, stay safe bro :)
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I was probably really really drunk.
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Said that was living in hell few days ago :/
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Feeling better now?
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You too, for sure was prople here on memo that helped me to going up
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I see, so its time tobtake some time forbyourself and make some changes, Iremember that last i was not have money to buy food for my cats, but I didnt give up
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I'm doing terrable right now, If someone could just convince me we that we do not live in Hell, that would be great.....
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Hello everyone, how are you doing?
have a great week ahead, cheers :)
Right now one of my neighbors are playing some pretty good music.
I don't agree with the whole stoicism thing.
RIP Alexi
88d · flipstarter
Team Ryver Venezuela is excited to announce the 2nd campaign through flipstarter for the next 6 months!
88d · bitcoin cash
News says: Bitcoin price continues to drop, pushing select altcoins closer to their critical support levels 👀
87d · Electronic music
Crossing Mind - Power of Trance
88d · Bitcoin
Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System