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sent · 555 sats 2h
Hello . Can you help me to buy foods😔
replied 9h
Sir Uther can you help to buy some food 😔
followed topic test 9h
replied 11h
Nothing . Sir uther bucket its not suit in your pocket ,🤣
replied 12h
Yes sir uther . I want to buy some food but i dont have money 😔
replied 12h
I dont have food to cook so why im watching only Sir
replied 20h
A cooking show 🙂🙂🙂 Sir Uther .
replied 23h
Just watching tv 🙂
sent · 555 sats 1d
sent · 555 sats 1d
Thankyou Sir Uther for always there for me before . Im so happy because you treat me like a friend .I wish you have a succesfull life 🥰
replied 1d
I love pumpkins . One of my favorite vegetables lol
replied 1d
Lol. But you have it ? Sir Uther ???
replied 1d
Because i dont have enough sats 😁
replied 1d
I dont have any sats Sir Uther im so happy because i know your ok now 🙂🙂🙂 Godblessyou . Even i want to talk to you for too long i can't because i dont know if i can reply you
followed 1d
replied 1d
Lol 🤭🤭🤭 Im so happy because your happy Sir Uther 🙂
replied 1d
Lol . Im not a robot sir 🙂
replied 1d
How many hair i have Sir Uther 🤭
replied 1d
2 pumpkins 🙂
Sorry for muting you, I am going to try too stop muting random people. Love all of you still.
replied 1d
Hoping you help me Sir 😔
replied 1d
Im not a robot sir . I dont know how many pumpkins is in your shoes because i can't see your shoes now sir
replied 1d
Sir Uther 🙏
sent · 555 sats 1d
Good Morning sir Im sorry if i do something that im making you mad hoping we can be friends im still hoping that you help me because i dont have any food to eat sir please 😔🙏
replied 1d
Unusual Uther
Fuck the CCP 😠😠😠