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[email protected]_opreturn what's your relation status with @_unwriter?
[email protected]_unwriter what's your next next step?
@_unwriter what's your next step?
OK @_opreturn do your thing
Now you can replicate ANY memo post (topic, poll, replies) to Twitter simply by mentioning @_opreturn in your memo! You'll find the tweets here: https://twitter.com/_opreturn

Powered by bitsocket.org and bitquery.
Introducing Memochicken: Post a memo, feed the chicken https://unwriter.github.io/memochicken/ #solveworldchickenhunger
Just added topic support (0x6d0c) for Memobutton https://unwriter.github.io/memobutton/topics - This is pretty cool because you can participate in topic conversations anonymously!
good bye google
quick idea for @memobch: what if every memo post share on social media included the poster's memo avatar instead of Memo logo? just need a single line change to the meta tag and i think it will drastically improve ctr
bringing tweet into memo world, now returning back to twitter

i made something called chaintrend, a powerful OP_RETURN trend analytics engine, powered by https://bitdb.network. For example, here's a graph of topic posts vs. normal posts on Memo: https://bit.ly/2uu7bG3
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humans don't adopt bitcoin, it is bitcoin that adopts human. here's how bitcoin will take over human economy:
hello @_unwriter
the revolution will not be tweeted. the revolution will be op_returned.
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testing polls again
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testing polls?
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