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· 399d
You can now track Bitcoin Cash apps activity on trends.cash:
· 400d
https://craft.cash -- Minecraft on Bitcoin!

I'd love to hear any feedback.
· 408d
Trying some bch real time app with bitsocket : http://snakebch.ml (a quick on chain game I just made)
The latency is soooooo high, transactions takes seconds; so it's impossible to do real time app on bch right now
· 410d
http://Oyo.cash update: Memo post now lead to http://memo.cash , bitcoinfile files now lead to http://bitfiler.net . You can also configure where different protocols lead in Settings
· 412d
Just read the article on Yours.org about bitsocket - awesome. Here's the live feed for all Memo.cash posts: https://bit.ly/2ObA5SX
· 412d
haha, from memo button
· 412d
https://oyo.cash has a wallet now. All in browser, nothing stored on a server. And no need to backup private key.
· 424d
Introducing https://trends.cash : Explore what Bitcoin Cash is talking

· 427d
oyo update: You can now set your preferred bitdb node: https://oyo.cash/#/pages/settings
· 458d
· 473d
❗️[Announcement] memopay is open for test now! Memopay allows any memo user to send BCH to any cash addr beyond memocash to withdraw, donate, fund new users etc. To start see info in profile https://bit.ly/2MWxDmO
· 474d
Building a memo client using bitdb and block explorers only.
· 478d
just a few weeks ago everybody was talking about the Tokens on BCH. Now we have: Wormhole, Colored Coins and since today the simpleledgerprotocol.
And i have to say simpleledger.cash looks damn nice!
· 494d
2/2 "[With Bitdb] you can build all kinds of apps easily"... "which means you can build truly censorship resistant apps" https://news.bitcoin.com/a-discussion-with-the-prolific-bitcoin-developer-unwriter/
· 494d
1/2 Bitdb from coder @_unwriter is amazing! "[BCH] is the perfect data structure to function as the single source of truth". "Provides a standardized way of querying [BCH]" https://bitdb.network/
· 498d
Got bored tonight, so decided to write a simple HandCash library in Go. Hopefully someone finds it useful. https://github.com/zquestz/handcash-go
· 527d
· 551d
An interview I had with Ryan X. Charles about Bitcoin.
· 555d · Earn tips
A good tool for Bitcoin Cash, memo.cash and others we just learned about is https://read.cash/
replied · 557d
We've been talking about the need for private messaging on Memo. Separately - it's a tricky thing to put messages on a public blockchain and claim it's forever private.
· 559d
An idea: Micro loans for people in developing countries, using BCH.

IMO this is a fantastic way to grow adoption, and most importantly: Its for those who needs BCH the most.

Inspiration from: https://www.kiva.org/
· 559d
My new goal for this week is to help 10 people setup BitcoinCash wallets and send each wallet $1.00 worth of BitcoinCash. It sounds almost too easy.
· 559d
Bitcoin Cash is following the original Bitcoin roadmap while BTC forked off in a strange direction with segwit, LN, fee market, small blocks, rbf, soft forks, and so on.
Bitcoin is BCH.
replied · 560d
Are you unwriter? Set your name my man..
· 561d
Turnagain Arm, Alaska