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You can now track Bitcoin Cash apps activity on trends.cash:
https://craft.cash -- Minecraft on Bitcoin!

I'd love to hear any feedback.
Good luck! Looking forward to playing with it. Also feel free to join the bitdb chatroom, there are many others working on bitcoin apps https://t.me/joinchat/HH1DDQ8pZlSlsdNcKgIcxw
From my experience, the tx is near instant via bitsocket - so I think the tx pre-build approach should work :)
Trying some bch real time app with bitsocket : http://snakebch.ml (a quick on chain game I just made)
The latency is soooooo high, transactions takes seconds; so it's impossible to do real time app on bch right now
That's super cool. I think the latency comes from tx building and NOT broadcasting, which means room for improvement. Could try pre-building the tx and broadcast when user press button
http://Oyo.cash update: Memo post now lead to http://memo.cash , bitcoinfile files now lead to http://bitfiler.net . You can also configure where different protocols lead in Settings
OK found that Twitter ignores API posting when you start a tweet with @mention, have to prepend it with something (like )
[email protected]_opreturn what's your relation status with @_unwriter?
[email protected]_unwriter what's your next next step?
@_unwriter what's your next step?
Hmm I don't know, seems like it's working for me Which one didn't work?
testing @_unwriter @_opreturn
testing @_opreturn
Here's the GitHub repository https://github.com/unwriter/_opreturn Feel free to fork, the code is super simple and I wrote it exactly because I want people to fork it.
OK @_opreturn do your thing
Now you can replicate ANY memo post (topic, poll, replies) to Twitter simply by mentioning @_opreturn in your memo! You'll find the tweets here: https://twitter.com/_opreturn

Powered by bitsocket.org and bitquery.
Introducing Memochicken: Post a memo, feed the chicken https://unwriter.github.io/memochicken/ #solveworldchickenhunger
Just added topic support (0x6d0c) for Memobutton https://unwriter.github.io/memobutton/topics - This is pretty cool because you can participate in topic conversations anonymously!
Just read the article on Yours.org about bitsocket - awesome. Here's the live feed for all Memo.cash posts: https://bit.ly/2ObA5SX
haha, from memo button
https://oyo.cash has a wallet now. All in browser, nothing stored on a server. And no need to backup private key.
Introducing https://trends.cash : Explore what Bitcoin Cash is talking

oyo update: You can now set your preferred bitdb node: https://oyo.cash/#/pages/settings