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· 285d
You can now track Bitcoin Cash apps activity on trends.cash:
https://craft.cash -- Minecraft on Bitcoin!

I'd love to hear any feedback.
replied · 294d
Good luck! Looking forward to playing with it. Also feel free to join the bitdb chatroom, there are many others working on bitcoin apps https://t.me/joinchat/HH1DDQ8pZlSlsdNcKgIcxw
replied · 294d
From my experience, the tx is near instant via bitsocket - so I think the tx pre-build approach should work :)
Trying some bch real time app with bitsocket : http://snakebch.ml (a quick on chain game I just made)
The latency is soooooo high, transactions takes seconds; so it's impossible to do real time app on bch right now
replied · 294d
That's super cool. I think the latency comes from tx building and NOT broadcasting, which means room for improvement. Could try pre-building the tx and broadcast when user press button
· 296d
http://Oyo.cash update: Memo post now lead to http://memo.cash , bitcoinfile files now lead to http://bitfiler.net . You can also configure where different protocols lead in Settings
replied · 296d
OK found that Twitter ignores API posting when you start a tweet with @mention, have to prepend it with something (like )
[email protected]_opreturn what's your relation status with @_unwriter?
[email protected]_unwriter what's your next next step?
@_unwriter what's your next step?
replied · 296d
Hmm I don't know, seems like it's working for me Which one didn't work?
replied · 296d
testing @_unwriter @_opreturn
replied · 296d
testing @_opreturn
replied · 297d
Here's the GitHub repository https://github.com/unwriter/_opreturn Feel free to fork, the code is super simple and I wrote it exactly because I want people to fork it.
OK @_opreturn do your thing
Now you can replicate ANY memo post (topic, poll, replies) to Twitter simply by mentioning @_opreturn in your memo! You'll find the tweets here: https://twitter.com/_opreturn

Powered by bitsocket.org and bitquery.
Introducing Memochicken: Post a memo, feed the chicken https://unwriter.github.io/memochicken/ #solveworldchickenhunger
Just added topic support (0x6d0c) for Memobutton https://unwriter.github.io/memobutton/topics - This is pretty cool because you can participate in topic conversations anonymously!
Just read the article on Yours.org about bitsocket - awesome. Here's the live feed for all Memo.cash posts: https://bit.ly/2ObA5SX
haha, from memo button
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https://oyo.cash has a wallet now. All in browser, nothing stored on a server. And no need to backup private key.
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