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A person from noise cash, then noise app and now here in memo, just exploring.

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Decided to bought my some with my remaining satoshis hehe. It's not much though.
I wish token pumps to have an excitement here. But it looks like it can't be, since BCH is not that high.
Me outside smoking with those dog in front of me,.

Taking a small minutes of break before continuing my repair,.
even though the weather is so hot, it's still a happy evening everyone,.

Yey, got my 4th withdrawal on tangled.
Being active there is important plus joining earn activities.

Click the link if you want to try it☺️
Good night to you all 😴. Although my Monday got so busy I am still thankful for what I have accomplished. It's a great day I enjoyed.

$DREAMHIGH token pumps already and reach over 8000 satoshis each. Though I only swap some of mine at 2k+ each.
Thank you so much #Collidenine for this, my blood is awake hahaha.

$DREAMHIGH token go high early this morning.
Wondering what is the reaction of those who doubt it and accused it as a scam when it pumps 🤔

Anyways, peace around the world✌️
$DREAMHIGH 🚀🚀🚀. 269 trades already. You can drop the screenshot of your $DREAMHIGH holdings together with your cashtoken address in the comment. I'll give u some free $DREAMHIGH.

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Got busy at work and I missed this one. Congrats though to the launch of your token. Hope for it's success.

Morning memo friends just sharing this photo of their earth quake drill of the kids in our city.
I think crypto and bitcoins natural environment to develop
and Live is The Internet not The physical 3D world ..
Good morning memo 🤗

It's already Thursday but I hope to be Friday hahaha. Just excited cause I don't have work on Saturday and Sunday, so I will be having 2 days rest.

Anyways, have a great day everyone
Hi everyone, it's been awhile.

Just check my last post here and it's already 13 days ago, though I visit memo from time to time.
Hopefully, I can find some free time daily to make some post here.
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bought 400 GTU for 240,000 satoshis (600 each) from 36d

BREAKING! Bitcoin plunges after reports of Iran launching up to 100 drones towards Israel in retaliation for their embassy being bombed by Israel earlier this month.

My mother asked me, "Why are you awake already, its too early?"

Me (in my mind): of course memo and cauldron is life. Gonna need to check the prices 😂

How long and how much more will you go down BCH?

It's been in red and downward trend for few days already. I thought $500 will be it's lowest price. But now.....😩

I am sharing again my smiling coffee ☺️☕. I'm late waking up because I slept too late in the evening. Here I am again roaming on the online world. Chill because it's Sunday.

I made a profit in #LOLLIPOP today, and I bought some of it to swap when it pumps. I am super duper tired. Good night, guys. Tomorrow I'm still busy. Enjoy trading cash token!

It's been awhile since I posted here in memo. But I'm active always, doing likes and interacting to others thought comments.

Decided to post one.

Thanks to $LOLLIPOP token.
Been played by $Lollipop this morning because of its price, it goes up and down. I trade my the token I've left and when the price is low, I used what I've earned to buy again.
But that's how Cauldron really works😁

Buy low, sell high..

That's my simple strategy earlier on $LOLLIPOP token since it's price keeps going up and down.
I keep buying and selling it again and again to earn some profit.