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To finally end the confusion with the names, I propose to rename Bitcoin BTC to BitGold BTC. The name is more appropriate and better reflects the property of this token.
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This gem of a song right here:

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Hitchens' Magnum Opus. One of the greatest orations of the last 2,000 years
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OMG #bitpay does not show me the #BCH address on their invoice page, only lets me copy a Bitpay URL which doesnt work for me. This is how you fuck up a simple standard. Why are they hiding that information? #rogerkver
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This is my badger Wallet bitcoincash:qrhc72mrv7z2hkn2zqenwd3l5zeajpwqavd2n6plu8


My badger wallet
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I have 1 memo cash token, what is the best way to use it?
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Dad Joke Answer...

“Because they don’t have any arms to swing” 😂🤣
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Calm_down_stupid 15kFCL
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Copper has the same properties, one of the reasons traditional breweries used "coppers" to boil the beer. Today's fun fact brought to you by me :-)
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The central planners plan to decentralize... at an unspecified point in the future. After the crisis is over. After everything is well under (their) control.
I've seen this movie.
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Peter Schiff is the dinosaur that roared in the direction of the asteroid. :)
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I think, the best thing, I ever did in my life, was moving to Hungary.
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Do you think we're fucking stupid jim? The address that created the JOLLYROGER token is the same address you use on memo. You are so fucking god damn stupid lmao
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Hello everyone! Weekend feels like HEAVEN! After a week-long days of work! How's your week have been?
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Capitalists don't enforce tyranny. Cops and military do.
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I've been working on PlasmaVPN all day today. Fixed a few bugs, added some more security checks, etc.

I also added a free trial tier which will be released when PlasmaVPN exits Beta!