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Hi Jochen Hoenicke
this is your BCH address at
Conveniently, it is a MEMO address.
This token is to appreciate your excellent MEMPOOL open-source site
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test, retest, and test again
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This donation recognizes
your open-source contributions
hopefully inspiring others
to support open-source code with BCH
-> Live Well and Prosper <-
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Donation for one of your open-source contributions
as mentioned inside one of your repositories
-> Live Well and Prosper <-
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This is may be of interest for your team:
How to hack BCHD v0.14.0 to accept OP_RETURN transactions:
best regards
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Hi Tom,
can we use Flowee in a "firehose" mode to feed Op_return data to our applications?
If so where can we read a brief how-to on that ?
Thanks for your efforts,
Live well and prosper