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replied 14d
Steady hands until we get some new abilities to use.
I will let you know here when I have something optimistic to share.
replied 14d
Got it - takes tyme to tipe properly
replied 14d
or something - it complains
"Public key is not available - maybe the user hasn't set their name/handle"
which you would need sats to do
replied 14d
I did receive but cannot reply because it is unfunded
replied 14d
Actually, you simply use your WIF key exported from here on Memo to log in on Member, all your sats on memo are already waiting for you on member.
replied 15d
I cannot telegram - but login on (very easy)
and use the "Message" - it is easy and it is encrypted.
and it seems to work very well.
replied 15d
Are you suggesting a Flipstarter ?
replied 15d
Mine is singing alone - I am watching the memo protocol live on my bchd 16.0 node
replied 15d
Memo seemed to be not receiving, also.
Perhaps WHOtube has Cloudflared it out of existence
replied 15d
That Pledge can go away now, there will be plenty of motivated authors coming in soon.
replied 15d
I saw some of that and began to recognize it.
Looks like they could recode some things to end it.
At the least they could charge for -any_activity- after a newbie grace period.
replied 15d
Is it possible they are overwhelmed by volume ?
replied 15d
The trees tell a story to guess at regarding winter gales ?
What does #samara refer to ?
replied 16d
Orbital decay.
16d · Freedom
I dedicate this first thread
to those of us who now endure "indefinite"
exile from the embrace of our cherished ones
at the whims of authoritarian egomaniacs
in government bureaucracies.
16d · Freedom
A topic for Freedom
to go or remain in places,
perform, or not, activities,
behave as one chooses,
with whosoever consents,
according to desire or necessity
- without Harming others.
replied 16d
The opening sequence is very contagious
replied 16d
White men are people too
The site is slow for some videos - I think some of the links gets overwhelmed by relay delays which may be a problem in how peertube handles things. Still working on an IPFS solution
replied 16d

Private video
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16d · Liberty
16d · Jokes
I find it almost amusing that today
I can walk into a store and purchase marijuana with impunity...
but I have to meet my barber in a dark alley with unmarked bills to get a haircut.
replied 16d
That was just samples of links
from submissions collected from various efforts.
replied 16d
Comment of the week award
replied 16d
Exactly Correct.
replied 16d
Thank you for your submissions in the contests.