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replied · 19h
"front page" headlining threads similar to how Reddit works. approaches this but needs more flesh might win
replied · 3d
2019-10-14 06:35:53.755 [INF] SYNC: Processed 1 block in 4m34.48s (2056 transactions, height 415334/604495 (68.71%), 2016-06-08 09:29:42 +0000 UTC)
replied · 3d
The other BITPAY FAIL is the 'specified wallets' ruse.
Aside their BIP-70 religion they could at least offer an option of
a simple p2p BCH address with "at your own risk" caveat.
replied · 3d
Well you can always do like I did,
sign up someone else as being the donor.
Let them enjoy the full brunt of the spam that ensues.
· 3d · Wikipedia
Donaing BCH to wikipedia is almost one huge BITPAY FAIL:
If they want all that just DOXX someone who needs more wikilove.
· 3d · #ReconnectJulian
Swapping Sacoolas for Assange
should sort out both problems
to the full satisfaction of all the predators involved.
cognitive dissonance intentional
· 3d · #ReconnectJulian
Sacoolas for Assange
sent · 16,384 sats · 6d
Tomasz Kaye
much more donation ready when you appear here on MEMO
replied · 7d
you could email [email protected] and ask,
but no promises
· 12d · Democracy

Amazon's Final Solution
· 13d · 2019 Bank Bailout

Pitch down,
roll left,
and call it a night Mr. Banks
It is time for p2p currency
replied · 14d
Overruled, they acquiesced rather than get buried by corruption.
[Some of us took this kind of idiocy to clients (no state thugs),
getting new careers.]
· 15d · Nootropic
Magnesium L-threonate (= )
"...MgT more significantly improved memory..."
"...decreased depression-like symptoms..."
· 15d · Nootropic
For stashing info about brain health medicine
[ _insults_ the concept ]
For healing, as well as improving, the brain.
· 15d · #ReconnectJulian
A more detailed examination of how Assange was being spied upon:
The crime -
the petty criminals -
· 15d · Favorite Quotes
"...present-day cynics can be understood as borderline melancholics, who can keep their symptoms of depression under control and can remain more or less able to work."
Peter Sloterdijk
replied · 18d
This is exquisitely difficult to believe that there is no visible discussion about this.
There must have been some discusion about this
somewhere, somewhen, by someone.
replied · 19d
what counts is TX value volume (minus the wash trades).
Market cap is the metric of SOV.
The real transaction value reveals the value of a coin.
How much weight does it carry ?
replied · 19d
Fails "to achieve".
A simple automated block rejection
based upon timestamps less than 600seconds from the previous block.
Instead we pay for empty blocks in diarrhetic spurts.
replied · 19d
What I refer to are all the very fast blocks that occur when hash goes up.
There should be a hard limit mechanism to enforce a 10minute minimum time between blocks.
or Why not ?
replied · 19d
is there any good discussion about why blockchain has no minimum time interval ?
1-minute block intervals should be precluded by design but guessing there is justification ?
replied · 19d
yes - please send a link.
waiting for your advice to proceed,
Thank you
· 21d · antipsychiatry
law allows hospitals to kidnap you for profit
If mandatory for all politicians it would fix government
· 22d · Bitcoin cash
First dead cat bounce
· 22d · Bitcoin Cash
This October has the same weekdays as 1929.
Reading about "Black Tuesday" is fascinating.
90 years ≈ 3 generations
probably not a sociophysical coincidence