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Excellent, thank you.
From somewhere near the Malay peninsula...
I hope we get enough Ley lines energized to make this happen.
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And now I remember to ask - what city/area are you in ?
I just want to have an idea of which geographical areas
this event is connected to.
Thank you.
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Thank you for being the first to submit a video !
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I remember now to mention:
If you have friends who would like to perform/participate
you can submit additional videos.
Live well and prosper
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Congratulations on submitting the first video of the #FreeAssangeInvocation.
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Welcome to the first participant for the #FreeAssange Invocation.
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We should start a club.
If it does not make a post on the Memo Protocol
then it is probably either fake or irrelevant.
And open tabs on both Memo and member at all times.
1d · Contest
#FreeAssangeInvocation Pre-registration Post
Submission opens 2020-10-26+00:00:01 UTC
How to participate in this event:
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Funny you mention that.
I use a sundial when I go for my beach swims to time my sunburn exposure.
a useful paleotechnology that ignores politicians.
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658506 (100.00%), 2020-10-24 13:39:07 +0000 UTC
658534 (100.00%), 2020-10-24 14:27:38 +0000 UTC
29 blocks 48 minutes
pumping difficulty through the roof before dumping hash-rate
2d · bitcoin cash
In the bath when the chainblock bells started ringing:
15 blocks in 14 minutes
658506 (100.00%), 2020-10-24 13:39:07 +0000 UTC
658520 (100.00%), 2020-10-24 13:53:28 +0000 UTC
2d · Contest
The subject for the next contest
will be decided by the poll at
This poll will close at the end of this day 2020-10-24 UTC
a less than 12 hours from now.
2d · Contest
Tracking the poll for the next contest at
currently #FreeAssange has the first vote
and zero votes for #BLM
2d · Contest
created poll 2d
16 hours to decide:
What is the Next Contest Subject:
This is exasperating - which topic do you want to see next ?
#BLM is almost too easy.
#FreeAssange is a very_difficult two-contest effort.
#BLM = Bankster Liberation Movement 0 votes · 0 satoshis
#FreeAssange 2 votes · 0 satoshis


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He is the official Memo Protocol CBO
{Content Beautification Officer}
His sisyphean task is to induce resident imgurnauts
to beautify the feed with an appropriate stream of art.
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Just beginning to find handles on this.
Is there a pdf for this book you can link to ?
The idea inspires some ways we can shine some daylight on the concept.
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#EndSlavery contest has ended.
A new contest is being prepared and will follow a new theme.
Congratulations to
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Your entry wins 3nd place in the EndSlavery contest 1.
Thank you for your participation
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Your entry wins 2nd place in the EndSlavery contest 1.
Thank you for your participation
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Your submission is the winning entry in the EndSlavery contest 1
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Your clocks are all correct.
The problem
is that they are all in your house
when they should be somewhere else.