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Unusual Uther
Searching for a synonym for "Deregulate"
expressing a sense of urgency.
Deregulate = "maybe, some, if"
Disregulate possibly improves.
Unregulate is too passive.
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Create a HomelessSLP token
par value = one person shelter for one day
give to homeless people to redeem for shelter.
Solve Social Problems with Social Markets
replied 10h
Changing the algo is not conceivable for BCH.
Getting consensus would be impossible.
(context: Just fixing the DAA reads like a civil war story.)
Build better faster on new turf.
replied 12h
Do not change the BCH algo.
Start a new coin with a mining algo that Asic technology cannot address.
There exist many ways to achieve that.
replied 13h
Government is a god which kills people.
replied 13h
...someone sold $60M worth of BTC
which then crashed all crypto prices 8% just like that.
Collusion still regulates the market, of course.
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Too many people fail to realize how furiously this tail can wag the dog.
The combination of the Memo Protocol with merchandise may be explosive.
PM on if interested.
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Suspicions may be justified that
perhaps Zuckwads did not need to rehearse appearing ignorant.
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for all the Coronatarians out there
colluding so diligently with governments
to exterminate the gullible through famine.
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Amaury has a fix for that:
Something about
waiting five years for the next 10minute block
replied 3d
We could begin by recounting the drug wars, the identity wars or maybe even the genealogy wars.
pick your poison, the rest of us can wait.
3d · Learn.Everything

illustrates how to quantify the amount of fear in a social setting.
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We grew the hardest and biggest ones down in Erath county.
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...Truth found on
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That said, adding complexity is always and forever a blunder.
"complexity builds upon itself" is a quote that I cannot find now.
Simply aiming correction from the fork is simplest.
replied 4d
The only thing that I worry about is if there are reasons hidden:
if "drift correction" is something to justify something else
down the road not being discussed = very big blunder.
replied 4d
Amaury is actually quite coherent
but he seems to have a bad case of "target fixation" regarding 'Genesis'.
I can see how his failure to engage people gets him a lot of flack. Sad.
replied 4d
The selling point: "BCH is slower than BTC".
BTC shills will bury BCH with publicity about 'fiddling the coin to fix past blunders'.
'Rectifying the past' is hopelessly stupid.
replied 4d
at about ~0:22:00
the talk about
"letting BTC have the faster blocktime (of 10min)
against an ~11-12min blocktime for BCH "
is a catastrophically disastrous idea.
replied 4d
Bitcoin Cash Activist
Amazing how this three-year-old masterpiece (Feb 21, 2017)
anticipated COVID+vaccine+...
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This color reminds me of Wyoming/Dakotas
replied 4d
Labelling someone as "crazy" (or anything else)
reveals more about the speaker and the moral agenda of the audience who pays attention.