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That word "Authorities" hangs like a shroud over the machinations of groups forever in bitter conflict.
Almost as if war is normal and peace is just an unwelcome intermission.
I made a trip to Belgrade hoping to get around to that but no time.
The visit to Serbia convinced me that it might be useful if they ever decide to get real about it.
But not yet.
Riding a ferry sounds like a lot more fun than doing the airport line-dance drama
Conceivably - how ddo I get there ?
The problem: there is little current information
available globally to help those on the run
decide where to go
to be something more productive than merely being a 'refugee'.
A few days ago
explaining to someone in a precarious situation
she could refocus from
a mindset of "leaving a bad place"
to "going to a specific destination to make a better life".
Thanks for this, I tried last time but they were just getting started.
We will try to find a place to go catch that ride.
A place for possible destinations for building a new life.
Similar to r/IWantOut focusing on destination preparation.
"How to" with the pros and cons and important bits of getting oriented.
A bit late getting to Manila,
any tips on meetups here ?
Winder if this thing could run a BCH node...
See you soon
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Hi Jochen Hoenicke
this is your BCH address at
Conveniently, it is a MEMO address.
This token is to appreciate your excellent MEMPOOL open-source site
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test, retest, and test again
Almost everyone here, probably.
"Who here does not use ?"
might give you a better response.. {;^)}
Why does this sound so familiar to: "...war on cash…" ?
could it be that fiat has some fundamental flaw ?
"Fair Value" FV calculated upon metrics about how a currency is used.
FV can indicate price suppression,
FV is ignorant of scam aspects.
"Thank you"
Tip of an iceberg,
just visible on their event horizon.
The impact will sink a lot of scamcoins in a single moment.
Very clean write-up, well done.
You are hopefully already considering ?
Their paywall feature may be of interest to your readership.
2019-05-06 12:32:06.215 [INF] SYNC: New valid peer (inbound) (/Bitcoin Cash Crawler:0.1/)
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You can test nodes here:
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SYNC ! at last.
avoid drama: set nolisten=1 in config until SYNC
check at
THANKyou to BTCD pioneers:
A venue like MEMO could address this by displaying the TIP sum, leaving 'LIKE's behind a pop-up click.
This is presumptive that
1.- TIPs signal value
2.- LIKEs signal popularity.