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2019-04-18 19:19:14.127 [INF] SYNC: New valid peer (inbound) (/bcoinsv:1.1.0/)
GNUNET iintegrates spyware in its core:
TALER is the spyware BNUNET is building on.
"With Taler, the receiver of any form of payment is easily identified..."
old news, I guess.
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This is may be of interest for your team:
How to hack BCHD v0.14.0 to accept OP_RETURN transactions:
best regards
"...replied to a discussion you are in ..."
is an order of magnitude improvement to the MEMO notification system.
It means is we can respond to 3rd party comments
Sadly(®) BCHD 0.14.0 still rejects MEMO protocol transactions.
I will revisit the process of recoding the source to avoid this flaw.
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Hopefully helpful hint deartment:
If you try to run both IPFS and BCHD
on an under-powered server ,
start IPFS first
and then start BCHD
so cpu and mem usage stays sane.
I see Chris just released 0.14.0 a few hours ago (Thanks Chris)
so I guess I will be spending time
seeing if it still discards OP_RETURN.
Even if it does
I will simply recode it anyway.
You have no "Rights"
That is your freedom
What sociopaths and psychopaths do inside an enterprise is never just limited to being merely obnoxious and financially self-serving.
And how many more situational responses can pilots be required to memorize,
and is there some kind of limit to how many different kinds of of departure from routine pilots should learn?
The observation probably addressed
how often do we require pilots
to intervene to prevent an aircraft from playing lawn-darts.
and how often will such intervention succeed ?
Boeing 737 MAX 8 flaws:
Somewhere within the Boeing design system is an engineer who
was over-ruled, silenced and probably dismissed for observing
blunders committed by arrogant management.
Censorship on

Censorship on
#decensorship = social media blockchain MEMO
#decensorship = social media blockchain MEMO
uncensored social media blockchain MEMO
on or duckduckgo or google or yahoo or bing or yacy
One example of how github can be a mistake beyond simple math:
Why github is a mistake:
test rss

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