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BCH Difficulty needs some kind of rethink.
Waiting hours between blocks is a deal-breaker.
There could be some kind of difficulty decrease after 15minutes ?
Surely someone has considered this....
Anyone out there using this ?
Any advice regarding this would be welcome here...
Yet another suggestion:
Youtube can be embed
Twitter can be embed
consider collaborating with other BCH sommunity projects
to be able to embed 'thumbnails' of posts would be a first
Many AirBnB hosts treat customers like criminals.
Better use or Tripadvisor or almost anything. is an early example of what is happening.
AirBnB is down on its knees groveling to be hacked
to give your financial+passport+travel-history+relationship-info
to people who make squillions off selling this:
A suggestion, inspired by this format:
This may collapse the view and increase depth:
showcasing latest threads ?
regarding internet services and websites which use the TLD .cash
Hopefully this can be be useful for finding sites and services based upon BCH
Exquisitely beautiful defiance of censorship backstory:
Learn... ...Everything.!
With a new wallet each.and.every.time I login,
how long before a hash collision opens a loaded wallet belonging to someone else...

orchestra only the geekiest of nerds can appreciate.
∈ All of this has happened before,
and all of this shall happen again ∋
never again this well done.
Brief surprise: Keynes discusses Silvio Gesell
"if currency notes were to be deprived of their liquidity-premium..., ...substitutes would step into their shoes"
Logged out from one machine
and then logged in again elsewhere getting a
my guess is code being rewritten {been there, done that}.
Just curious:
what happened to the plans for protocols using 0x6d08 and 0x6d09 ?
reformat 4
reformat 3
One method of evaluating the intentions of groups of people is to examine what they want to do to other people. It is then possible to quantify what their level of predation is.
Youtube-Twitter-Imgur all embed in MEMOs.
Memos also need to embed in the same fashion.
Creating this cross-post inspired the thought:
will test on IPFS

Lindsay Sutherland Boal
Adele’s ‘Mein Herr Marquis’ - from Die Fledermaus - by Johann Strauss II.
London Firebird Orchestra
words fail description

The world needs more Joy.
PSA: -
if the content is being newly accessed it may take some time to load for the first instance.
Once it has been accessed by someone it can be much faster.
redouble obfuscated random mispacked
retexted preamble ipfs://QmQa8opEiCoA1Ed5xeBnXA1Jy5VQJC84rGZv8j1ngjjmrE with addon further
readded chars redacted again
...and add add an 'entrance portal' for SLP tx
sent · 400,000 sats · 33d
= TXstreet donation address
+ Please occasionally visit
+ and add a storefront for SLP tx
+ fix the BCH MEMPOOL miscount
If TxStreet could fix the miscounted BCH MEMPOOL issue that would be a big improvement.