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Another brief offer for bch here
accepting applications here on Memo
SIGSEGV crash appears unrecoverable on BCHD,
Lacks any CLI methods to roll back and reSYNC
Restart SYNC taking weeks puts this out of reach on v0.14.3 at this time.
Parked, awaiting next release.
A few days ago
explaining to someone in a precarious situation
she could refocus from
a mindset of "leaving a bad place"
to "going to a specific destination to make a better life".
A place for possible destinations for building a new life.
Similar to r/IWantOut focusing on destination preparation.
"How to" with the pros and cons and important bits of getting oriented.
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Hi Jochen Hoenicke
this is your BCH address at
Conveniently, it is a MEMO address.
This token is to appreciate your excellent MEMPOOL open-source site
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test, retest, and test again
You can test nodes here:
2019-05-06 12:24:06.346 [INF] SYNC: New valid peer (inbound) (/
2019-05-06 12:18:04.370 [INF] SYNC: New valid peer (inbound) (neutrino:0.0.4-beta/)
Upgrade from 0.14.2 (mid-SYNC) was painless.
Now awaiting the 100% SYNCed moment
v0.14.3 has features to investigate once fully SYNCed.
A perspective on the impact of DOWN-VOTING on social community: > =
Kali Linux and
Has anyone here been through this ?
Would you recommend any of this ?
Are there better alternatives to learn skills ? =


"School is a place where children go to learn to be stupid,"
- said author and educator John Holt.
Only for learning 'how to'
tools/links for studying and learning
discussion about successful learning
[This is NOT about 'public "schools" '/'teaching'/'civic indoctrination']

This looks like fun:
Just a note on what spooling up a full v0.14.2 node entails: 2cores 8gb
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This donation recognizes
your open-source contributions
hopefully inspiring others
to support open-source code with BCH
-> Live Well and Prosper <-
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Donation for one of your open-source contributions
as mentioned inside one of your repositories
-> Live Well and Prosper <-
Fun read:
and v0.14.2 does accept OP_RETURN transactions.
This means it is immediately useful for MEMO protocol operations,
Thanks to the BCHD team
looks like a tsunami of fake wallet servers just washed up, stay careful
Time-stamped posts regarding violence against those who should never need to defend themselves.
Acknowledging bias, is at least a point of reference.
Harm no Beings.