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...and add add an 'entrance portal' for SLP tx
sent · 400,000 sats · 1d
= TXstreet donation address
+ Please occasionally visit
+ and add a storefront for SLP tx
+ fix the BCH MEMPOOL miscount
If TxStreet could fix the miscounted BCH MEMPOOL issue that would be a big improvement.

with intensity,
just for fun
A tale from such a long time ago
that few recognize what the fuss was all about.
The only real difference between Us and Them
is how they were misprogrammed
and how we were misprogrammed.
PSA: "Hate Speech" should not be censored
"Hate speech" informs us who has mental issues needing medical attention.
Honest.Cash has become unusable here.
recurrent endless redirection to yields an endless page connection process.
test ipfs://testonly
"The biggest “unlearning” in unschooling, she says, is to let go of your worries about the future."
Sanctuary is a place
where residents govern their selfs by The One Law:
"No Being Shall Harm another Being"
A Sanctuary can only harbor those who Harm no other Beings.
Checkpoint Justin
Justin Raimondo
His influence reached here, to memo:
wikipedia : :
"We can be heroes"
Dedicated to those who stood firm
+ for our permissionless liberty to be ourselves
+ for our borderless freedom from tyranny
+ for our economy uncensored by perversity
For those things you want to buy or find
which, at the moment, seem to be pure UnObtanium.
Particularly something that ought to be available now somewhere on this planet.
The Blitz address is at it again now...
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sent · 1,024 sats · 16d
top-secret login code:
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sent · 1,024 sats · 17d
sent · 1,024 sats · 17d
retest ipfs aaaaAAAA
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retest ipfs

strongly indicates that Memo is gaining traction against the Twitterverse.
The complaint, however, is about problems "imaginary":
test <div> retest </div>
<div> <b> retest AGAIN </b> </div>
(yes I know html tags are blocked)
Nice app,
We need some way to click directly from icon to a DDG search or to a [timestamped] contact/address+details summary for the business.