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4d · Sanctuary
Wanted in Phuket:
temporary Assistant for orientation and coordination
for information email [email protected]
8d · COVID-19
Nod and a wink to GiggleStick
US: population ~330499127.
Covid Deaths ~200/day. varies.
Growth rate: +5500/day constant
The bright lights of Reality.
13d · COVID-19
Much more news is brewing in the background,
Airlines and economists already begin to realize the truth.
14d · COVID-19
Anyone dare guess the "known cases" is less than the quantity of those "infected but not tested" ?
22d · COVID-19
COVID-19 is a pandemonium, not a pandemic.
COVID-19 is wet dream that is has authoritarian psychopaths quivering in absolute ectstasy.
23d · Coronavirus
Just watching this planet's idiocy is depressing.
23d · Coronavirus
eating in restaurants where the cooks and servers fondle your food along the way to your table is beyond stupid.
23d · Coronavirus
Spraying your half-chewed food through a discussion during mastication is how this stuff propagates.
23d · Coronavirus
Eat your dinner, or have a conversation.
23d · Coronavirus
How fucking stupid this all is.
30d · Coronavirus
Thailand Medical News Feb 25, 2020
New Research Indicates That Certain Nutraceuticals Could Help In Both Influenza And Coronavirus Infections
36d · Coronavirus
If Coronavirus was serious
then "security theater" groping/fondling etc would immediately cease.
Such cross-infection of targeted populations would be criminal
if Coronavirus was a threat.
36d · Fake News
If Coronavirus was worth worrying about
then airport "security theater" pat-downs, groping, etc would immediately cease.
Such acts are a powerful vector for spreading viruses.
Lies, exposed
73d · Quote Me
Poverty solved:
simply redefine wealth ₿
75d · Medicine
76d · War_on_Cash
A fair depiction of the kind of future that bankster governments have been incubating:
77d · Privacy
77d · Privacy
About Privacy - the concept, methods, and news.
Any and all perspectives regarding privacy.
Information regarding the "War on Privacy".
78d · Environment
81d · War_on_Cash
81d · bitcoin cash
This was an interesting moment:
81d · Hope
This inspired the topic:
This helps, after seeing what is happening in India.
81d · Hope
A place for "good news":
Somewhere to post 'Light at the end of the tunnel' information.
A place to ask for anything to rejuvenate hope.
What is the best new info you can share here today ?
"Sex Ratio in India (2020)"
Females 662,903,415
Males 717,100,970
How to describe the murder of ~55million people,
in one country ?
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