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6d · Great Reset

Calm, Level-headed perspective on surviving the "Great Reset"
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Regarding BitClout :
Each BitClout user seems to get a BCH (+ legacy) address
Do they know ?!
Who holds their passwords/keys ?? [ also locked by a "Tweet" ? ]
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10d · Texit

if anyone is interested in talking to those folk...
14d · Funny

and of course the advertisement for Grammarly is mandatory for content like this
15d · COVID-19
18d · Funny

Laughter is the best antidepressant
20d · Learn.Everything

animal factories are one of the vulnerabilities of current "societies".
23d · Learn.Everything
CON-SPIRACY, etymology: “Origin: 1325–75; Middle English < Latin conspīrāre to act in harmony, conspire, equivalent to con- + spīrāre to breathe; see spirant, spirit" Ann Kreilkamp
32d · heroes
Pastor Artur Pawlowski
successfully exhibits
how to non-violently exorcise evil spirits from a sanctuary.
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42d · Bitcoin Cash

My full node
now trying to follow OP_RETURN transactions
...after Noise.Cash.
When Kim.Dot.Com et al brings it on
reading the chain may get more intense.
51d · Hope

This video requires enormous patience to watch - it begins slow, but improves continuously.
Foster declares 'non-violation' is the 'one rule...' 01:54:00 = hope.
56d · Texit

Texas governor Greg Abbott digging a pit he may never be able to climb out of: ( =
58d · COVID-19

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61d · Travel Deals

Serbia looks like fun
61d · Medicine
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62d · Great Reset

Cancel Culture is a Dress Rehearsal for Mass Murder
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Fata Morgana - 3 weeks ago
"Absolutely right.
Those who burn books today have no problem burning bodies tomorrow."
63d · The-One-Law
Central Government is the "Single Point of Failure" for any population.
63d · Great Reset
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