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This isn't inception, pal.
5h · Boycott List
Boycott Fake News: CNN, NBC, MSNBC, NYT, Huffington Post et al
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Yesterday, there were
21384 txs on BCH chain, 320773 txs on BTC. BCH dominance=BCH/BTC=6.7%
1095321-1094014=1307 memo txs, 📈1.8% (compared w/ prev 1284), account for 6.1% of all BCH tx
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Will the contest continue if im the only one who joined?
7h · Contest
The bird who is born on a cage thinks flyinfg is an illness #EndSlavery
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I'm in! Let's #EndSlavery
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Let me join to #EndSlavery !
346d · Memo Suggestions
instead of a Profile Image (which depends on imgur), we should have a Profile Graphic - a lightweight vector graphic coded in plain text and stored directly on the blockchain.
Your choice will be limited to two pathetic and corrupt puppets of the ruling class who will continue to thrive on the expense of you and your retarded kids.

Voting will never put a stop to this scam.
1d · coronavirus
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And those who push us down that they might climb —
Is any killer worth more than his crime?
-Neal Peart, RIP
1d · test Leading causes of death in persepctive
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Yesterday, there were
20574 txs on BCH chain, 333356 txs on BTC. BCH dominance=BCH/BTC=6.2%
1094014-1092730=1284 memo txs, 📉7.4% (compared w/ prev 1386), account for 6.2% of all BCH tx
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Sometimes I think you are a highly evolved yet benevolent AI. No human would start a list of numbered points with zero.
1d · Animals
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How to upload image on using imgur:

Hope it helps!
2d · Liberty
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I tipped her $2 BCH. Maybe it will help her find her way here.
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A fair point. But sometimes my inner ancap wants to see micro bounties put on coding like this e.g mini-flipstarters for requested features.
2d · Memo
Yesterday, there were
16143 txs on BCH chain, 284601 txs on BTC. BCH dominance=BCH/BTC=5.7%
1092730-1091344=1386 memo txs, 📉8.3% (compared w/ prev 1511), account for 8.6% of all BCH tx
White men are people too
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White men are people too
state sanctioned serious discrimination against foreigners, meaning things like frequent arrests, different rules for different groups and so on. China is one of those states.
White men are people too
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I am not completely sure what you mean here, but if you mean that I should probably have pretty much ignored SILENTSAM to let the video get more focus, I totally agree.
White men are people too
3d · COVID-19
This is a good video that says a lot about how the official narrative is confusing at best.
White men are people too
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White men are people too
official narrative cannot be the objective truth as SILENTSAM claims. Also, to think that, that the official narrative always is the truth, objective or otherwise, puts our leaders
White men are people too
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White men are people too
stuff to this narrative which helps them achieve their own selfish goals will be irresistible. They will get corrupted by it and then they will exploit the population. #Ignoresilentsam