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Imagine all the money the government-related organizations can steal, while you are occupied by a fake pandemic, that has smaller death ratio than catching cold!
8d · COVID-19
US: 85,356 known cases, 1,246 deaths. 1.46% death rate. Cases up 24.7% since previous day.
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9d · COVID-19
US: 68,440 known cases, 994 deaths. 1.45% death rate. Cases up 25.7% since previous day.
10d · COVID-19
11d · COVID-19
US: 44,183 known cases, 544 deaths. 1.23% death rate. Cases up 32.3% since previous day.
12d · COVID-19
US: 33,404 known cases, 400 deaths. 1.20% death rate. Cases up 119.5% since 3 days ago.
I have an idea which if some people start believing in it with me I believe it might save some lives.

Alanis Morissette - Ironic (Official Video)
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Governments are taking advantage of this crisis to increase their power dramatically.
Governments are taking advantage of this crisis to increase their power dramatically.
Demanding people to stay at home will kill thousands!! I would say probably more than from that virus alone!! Being outside, not shaking hands, keeping distance & face mask is absolutely enough! #coronavirus #COVID19
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It is estimated that in Italy there are ten times as many cases as tested / reported
Now is a great time to get to know these which are prepared to sell you foods for real money after the FIAT scam is over:
Its really hard to be non political these days. Ill make it short: "screw you guys, im going home"
23d · COVID-19
US: 1,215 known cases, 36 deaths. 2.96% death rate.
22d · COVID-19
US: 1,629 known cases, 41 deaths. 2.52% death rate. Cases up 34.1% since previous day.
18d · COVID-19
US: 4,226 known cases, 75 deaths. 1.77% death rate. Cases up 21.2% since previous day.
19d · COVID-19
US: 3,487 known cases, 68 deaths. 1.95% death rate. Cases up 114.1% since 3 days ago.
17d · COVID-19
US: 7,038 known cases, 97 deaths. 1.38% death rate. Cases up 66.5% since previous day.
15d · COVID-19
US: 15,219 known cases, 201 deaths. 1.32% death rate. Cases up 45.7% since previous day.
16d · COVID-19
US: 10,442 known cases, 150 deaths. 1.44% death rate. Cases up 48.4% since previous day.
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Fear propaganda. And this might explain some things. A LOT of money involved since the government changed the laws for vaccines....
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I never said that. But it's not a vaccine against death. You're just as thoroughly brainwashed and scared as they want you to be. Sad, because otherwise you're very smart.