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Hey everyone! I've been meaning to post here more often.

Anyway, I've been working on various stuff for the past few weeks! I'll go over them more in the next few memos.
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Note worthy:
- It's non-custodial.
- Your wallet is not required to be open/running.
- The service does not take a fee for donations.
- No ads.
- Donations can be made anonymously.
I counsel people
to keep a _safe_distance_ from
those who Worship-Obey any entity which commands followers to Harm others.
Such entities are imaginary tools of sociopredators.
Did you know that has a short url: ?!?!
Nice app,
We need some way to click directly from icon to a DDG search or to a [timestamped] contact/address+details summary for the business.
I really enjoy not paying tax. The fact that I'm not sponsoring wars in the Middle East is a liberating thought.
SAME HERE!!! That is exactly the reason why I quit working in 2013 after Edward Snowden came up!!! I do not want to sponsor these war crimes, so I do not even consume to minimize VAT.
Do you know that ant and bugs are the dominating species? I guess they outnumber us by quadrillions... Humans did never win... They are so fragile!! Ants will never die out!
uploading my profile picture 💚

Innerpartysystem - Don't Stop
You meant this ?

Is she wearing a bra under that BCH ?
Hard to tell...
The 'unseen' elephant in the room:
when the Democrats take over they will simply rebrand 'concentration camps' as re-education facilities.
Governments always repeat history, badly.
Just a default sort of thing these days,
at least they seem to be making a serious effort.
Simply not using such apps is probably the best strategy.
"Joining" is so yesterday...
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fuck, you are both followed, I just woke everybody on my block laughing, and Super Satan, tell Lucy she's the only one I ever loved :)
Not much distance separates
the world's most intensive "organ harvest" government
and the "social government is so necessary to keep people safely organized" sockpuppets.
Wee all knew this was coming... now they can label anything they disagree with as "hate speak"... SMH i strongly dislike google.
/e/ read well until
"...ensure that you have an /e/ account (for /e/ online services such as mail, drive, calendar...) or get your account here..."
Still waiting for a Linux phone.
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Good luck!
Get one supported by and/or to get more software freedom!
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I have already set my profile pic here on Nice meeting all BCH-community members here across the globe. Let's start to become active here. is the Twitter of Blockchain.
Good evening memo world! Im back! thanks to @fyzeon for encouraging me to be active here again. BCH lezzzz go!!! 💚
“The society that puts equality before freedom will end up with neither. The society that puts freedom before equality will end up with a great measure of both.” -Milton Friedman, 1979