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replied · 11h
Video starts with a contradictio in terminis: they invented something to separate humanity from government and than they patent it... Where? Oh, the government, lol :D
Anyone out there using this ?
Any advice regarding this would be welcome here...
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Yet another suggestion:
Youtube can be embed
Twitter can be embed
consider collaborating with other BCH sommunity projects
to be able to embed 'thumbnails' of posts would be a first
replied · 1d
Consider that this metric included all (as many as they could find) open-source projects directly/primarily related to a BCH. Not just protocol / node implementation development.
Yes - number of commit is inversely relational to stability and reliability.
Code-churning is a great big honking red flag.
Commits should be only very well-considered
replied · 2d
When you start with silly metrics to arrive at faulty conclusions.
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Photo by me

Sometimes we make love with our eyes

Sometimes we make love with our hands

Sometimes we make love with our bodies

Always we make love with our hearts.</center>
bitcoin changes evrything
use it first
such that the other options will be unnecessary
Interoperable is
Interdictable , Misspelled
False location first,
followed by demands for money outside the scope of payments,
triggering re-consideration,
'Building access' games ended this.
False AirBnB site remains !
Consider yourself lucky.
We just got scammed by a host
who had unpleasant plans for our evenings.
Fortunately the red flags all went up in time to escape the scheme.
Many AirBnB hosts treat customers like criminals.
Better use or Tripadvisor or almost anything. is an early example of what is happening.
AirBnB is down on its knees groveling to be hacked
to give your financial+passport+travel-history+relationship-info
to people who make squillions off selling this:
replied · 3d
Working great for me. Now the only question is how long til Twitter bans it?
A suggestion, inspired by this format:
This may collapse the view and increase depth:
showcasing latest threads ? indicates:
Domains: 14,479 (0.05%)
in Zonefile: 13,789 (95.23%)
Signed Zones: 159 (1.10%)
Parked: 9,989 (68.99%)
Upcoming Deletes: 565 (3.90%)
And now there is a memo topic for this:
add your favorite sites...
followed topic .cash · 4d
regarding internet services and websites which use the TLD .cash
Hopefully this can be be useful for finding sites and services based upon BCH
replied · 8d
The website does not accept BCH, but BSV:

Back in the mid 1960's we glued to the refrigerator
an excellent newspaper article by a famous comedian
about the importance of timing.
Probably not George Carlin, but who?
Exquisitely beautiful defiance of censorship backstory: