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Simply post the URL instead of bootlicking Twitter: (or are you truly just a Twittter Bootlicker ?)
Everyone keeps asking the wrong questions.
What they should be asking for is the "Good news about his sex life":
Who did he sex with that actually enjoyed it ? (And Where*When ?)
If you don't know what #COINTELPRO is then you can't fully comprehend #Bitcoin's history so far.

For the lazy fucks:
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Or support for reusing the same address, rather. Can't set a cryptocandy machine to watch a public key yet afaik
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OH WAIT.. ofc I am from the 80's. I totally got it wrong.
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Found the Octogenarian !
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systems like that are ment to be rigged. Dont blame the capitalist, blame government
is built on mathematical algorithms nailing every price to BTC valuation.
Their whole existence is pro BTC against all other coins. It is in their code.
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Because I should have to pay for something that I wasn't even alive for.
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'Flag-waving' is a symptom of the mental illness that is Other-ism.
Racism is another symptom of Other-ism.
Vaccinate your children against Other-ism to not become bootlickers.
interesting perspectives

Found this while browsing twitter. They only have 1 follower.
Just dug up our first potatoes. A proud moment for novice gardeners :-)
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Note to memo users, make love when you can, not only is it good for you but who knows when the next time will be, if we descend into chaos.
There are days when I also give up alcohol.
Some day I will eventually quit altogether,
but I still hope for a Tyrion ending
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Dear Joe Barba,

I would like to apologize for past transgressions. I gave up alcohol.