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That is an excellent presentation
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The correct word is "extortion".
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Yesterday, there were
14167 txs on BCH chain, 327540 txs on BTC. BCH dominance=BCH/BTC=4.3%
927255-925937=1318 memo txs, 📉5.0% (compared w/ prev 1387), account for 9.3% of all BCH tx
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Unusual Uther
Don't waste your energy for anger . Just forget about him.
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Caption not necessary...
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Sometimes I feel like that too
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sounds like Base64
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nice rendition
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testing again
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The problem is not handsets.
The problem is the telcom cronies.
What we need now is reliable mesh networking
such as SERVAL, BRIAR, etc
improved to completely abandon 3G4G5G
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What that is, is a good reason to put in your order for a PinePhone
New iphone update. Distract us with new emojis while they sneak in state spyware.
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You are not alone in that perpective
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Covid is the perfect "litmus test" regarding who has power to harass populations.
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The tale is told by 'who rules with fear of covid'
vs those who recognize such is best dealt with
by letting people solve the problem.
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No hope for big cuntries with big governments
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Yesterday, there were
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Governments which have less authority.
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you sure know how to spoil hope....
2d · Freedom
This is the current global map of freedom :
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Yesterday, there were
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This something wicked is how slavery is organized in the 21st century
3d · liberty
The State: The Deadliest Virus
3d · Liberty
Globally We drift toward yet another disastrous moment in history:
describes how easily people can be rallied to Harm 'Others' to serve Elitists who would Harm anyone.
4d · bitcoin cash
A wallet without a usable OP_RETURN function
is like a bird without wings.