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I'm using Badger wallet, or wallet to pay at Elipay locations. Tried once to install Elipay wallet, but backed down at their KYC requirements.
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Self improvement for its own sake is a very noble goal.
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Want to be more confident? Find a small goal in the area you don't feel confident, & then achieve it. Worrying about perfection can prevent you from moving forward at all.
July 18 2019: No signs of intelligent life have yet been found on other blockchains
This browser is not supported.
Download the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Microsoft Edge.
Translation - "Your browser blocks our data-rape scripts"
Looks like user Anderson is notarizing files on memo - it's even cheaper than
It would require a new page or sub-section under 'feed'?
where unfunded posts could be triggered by sufficient tips - which then pays the tx fee.
make sure OP gets subsequent tips.
In this ephemeral fashion objectionable material may fail "the sponsor test".
After some timespan (24hr?) unsponsored material would simply vanish.
(This is only for the unfunded).
One other idea occurs:
An "unfunded posting page"
where new accounts could test-submit what they propose to post
"We" could sponsor such posts that have merit, paying the tx fee.
This - I meant to squeeze in that very important aspect:
Limits set by the mechanism sourcing funds.
(as opposed to "baked into the protocol" which would be disastrous)
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The faucet does have set limits. Agreed it should be limited by the Memo app, not the BCH network.
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...and add add an 'entrance portal' for SLP tx
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IPFS onion gateway http://5sa45npeflx74qmk.onion
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= TXstreet donation address
+ Please occasionally visit
+ and add a storefront for SLP tx
+ fix the BCH MEMPOOL miscount
If TxStreet could fix the miscounted BCH MEMPOOL issue that would be a big improvement.
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This type of user is one of the reasons the mempool limit is still useful, Memo 😙

Especially when these wasteful actions are being performed with faucet funds
Any 'Faucet' funding facility is best implemented with layered limitations.
Indeed - the mempool limit does help.
A faucet 'queue' may also help.
1 or few posts per block?
I remember in AP European History having to write 'doc-based-questions,' considering the "provenance" of sources; usually political pamphlets

Didn't appreciate before the communist thunderdome of modern twitter
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Capitalists don't enforce tyranny. Cops and military do.
· 1d
I've been working on PlasmaVPN all day today. Fixed a few bugs, added some more security checks, etc.

I also added a free trial tier which will be released when PlasmaVPN exits Beta!
· 1d
Hey everyone! I've launched a VPN service called PlasmaVPN (currently in Beta). This is a completely anonymous VPN service.

Accepts BCH, BTC, ETH, and LTC!