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Statism is the most popular and most damaging religion.
One reason I wouldn't use a mute button is bc it's interesting to see what topics I agree with people on. eg even agree with LR about Ross Ulbricht. 🤷‍♀️
Landscape painting by watercolour.

I can make your portrait for 5 million satoshi, DM me on
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I don't have much of an issue with any individual memo client allowing this functionality, but once these blocks/ignores are on-chain they become indicators that can be abused.
Use an
url looks like after which type your comment
Another brief offer for bch here
accepting applications here on Memo
where are you living?
if you mention where
then someone may have specific info they can share.
Family is always trapped by obligatory allegiance anyway.
Regard family as simply unconscious extensions to the machinations of toxic manipulators.
Minimize their part in your life
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No entity has the right to tell me to ingest drugs in my body. I own my body.
Distance is a good start.
Temporal distortion can also weaken such influence.
Interference posed by other people is problematic but sometimes necessary.
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People that lived through the Holocaust in Germany have shared stories of assets being confiscated. Most people don't believe it can happen again. But it can...
This is what government does - take things from 'them' and distribute the remainders to 'us'
I like this guys take on the problem with democracy.
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Democracy is fundamentally immoral. I don't care if 99.999% of my neighbors vote to take my money for their social plan, or to cage me for my pot usage. I'm still not going quietly.
welcome to the "Deleting peers.json club".
(but not this time)
I was considering just deleting ldb stuff back to May 18 but my motivation is just not there.
Once unquestioning obedience, once fully enslaved,
Once fully enslaved, no nation, state, city, of this
earth, ever afterward resumes its liberty.
the ldb database is iost in lalaland according to what the ffldb logs indicate.
the fork had a few interesting moments but the node seemed to grind through okay.
I just wish there was some kind of " --restart from block ###### ".
...wishful thinking
SIGSEGV crash appears unrecoverable on BCHD,
Lacks any CLI methods to roll back and reSYNC
Restart SYNC taking weeks puts this out of reach on v0.14.3 at this time.
Parked, awaiting next release.
This message is posted by Karl Semich who is on Scuttlebutt at 7KBXjGMEX8lDyEewf7twJgDwoi07HMrdmsP9gK0lJbU and this address and [email protected] . PLEASE MESSAGE AND ADVISE, ALL WELCOME.

be compassionate. when someone gives an insult, all they mean is "i need respect", or some other need. Hear only this.
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I dont know about a community, but I heard if a Canadian lives out on Crown land, and works some land and makes a home, and maintains it for ten years, the land becomes theirs.