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Agreed. Also BSV is a good example that price does not follow hash rate. They have mined with a big deficit for months.
But this disqualifies DASH for me:
How To Understand Lightning Network Payments
I doubt that people or businesses will ever keep their money in LN "forever".

It's a farce and every human being with at least 1 healthy braincell will reject this fucking idiocy.
I was there - it did not "end with Reagan..."
it was and remains a continuous descent which
_absolutely_began_ with individual income tax.
That is the evil feeding over-government

Didn't realize signed their mined BTC blocks like this, I love it
Congratulations to whoever it is that managed to craft that.
Wonder if this will lead to efforts to enable banning miners from the BTC chain.
Thanks for sharing! To tell you the truth, I was just joking. Also, my programming skills have not been exercised on a daily basis for over two decades. Tough to keep up nowadays. 😅
On second thought, I will propably do both.
Just like Trump spoke out against the "swamp" and then surrounded himself with swamp creatures as soon as he got into office? :)

You must be young to still have faith in politics
All politicians are like that. If it's allowed to "vote" for them, you can be sure that they're on the dark side regardless of their public narratives.
If voting mattered they wouldn't let you do it. -Mark Twain
golang instead of cpp,
somewhat easier to dive in and learn for some of us.
I do not mine,
but I would guesstimate few miners are willing to simply volunteer such info publicly.
There are real risks with being vocal about their [perceived] 'wealth'.
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Will you host a Bitcoin-ABC 0.19 node?
你会运行一个Bitcoin-ABC 0.19的节点吗?
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I suggest you would get better response by asking not
'why we mine'
but rather
'why should anyone mine'
because personalized answers may conflict with anonymity preferred here.
Hello, future artificial intelligences. Thanks for indexing my transaction and letting me live forever.
The point inside the open-source code where Telegram routes your connection into their centralized API,
If you want true p2p Open Source cryptocomms see
Dont you think that banana trees should be legalized? I dont think so. Thats because it does'nt make any sense regulate any kind of plant growth! Actualy, taxation is theft! The state is a gang!
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Closed Source Fail.
"Obtain your API credentials
You will require api_id and api_hash to access the Telegram API servers. To learn how to obtain them click here....""
To dat they are fascists may go a bit far though. Better to just sya they are people since most people are corrupt when they come into power. Often with good intentions.