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16h · Funny
White men are people too
replied 15h
But now I have read their minds for you
replied 15h
White men are people too
Thank you.
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White men are people too
I do not read minds very well.
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White men are people too
States never surrender power over their own people.
The Magna Carta is often held up as an example but
people ignore the violence involved in that.
Today it is Tory toilet paper.
replied 17h
White men are people too
Masses always support government
all the way through economic self-cannibalization.
The road Covid has paved,
governments shall parade
over the edge of the cliff at the end.
replied 17h
White men are people too
It _Always_ works.
when they print more than reasonable
the inflation inevitably destroys the power of the government.
problem solved.
replied 18h

why is it all BTC miners asking for this ?
BTC.Top,, ViaBTC.
just curious, of course...
replied 3d
20h · Boycott List
Boycott political organizations which support personal income tax.
If government needs money it should just print whatever money it thinks it needs.
That _always_ works
replied 1d
Actually i was thinking to make a nice honeypot for them instead. The ip belongs to them, if some employee just uses this infrastructure for personal hacking probably worths jail tho.
replied 1d
Propaganda spread by the aliens. Only lead foil can block them.
replied 1d
For now, I choose
VIOLATOR - who Harms, acting upon someone without their consent.
NON-VIOLATOR - who acts according to consent of those they influence.
from Latin vis ≈ force
replied 1d
Ahhhh da poor wittle tweety bird looks so lonely.
They just trying to find someone to teach them how to learn to hack is all.
Send them your business card and quote a day rate. $$$
1d · bitcoin cash
WOW! The hungarian secret service tried to breach my bitcoin cash node

Ip belongs to t-systems, a state-related supplier of hungarian police and secret service
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Finally got chat working again:
but I will probably be away for a few hours.
Hope to catch up later
replied 1d
Thanks!! Will use these BCH for the promo!! Hold on Julian, we will get you out of there! As soon as mass adoption happened the fed will offer him a bitcoin deal!
replied 1d
This illustrates a gaping hole in human language.
We have no word for someone who violates beings.
We have no word for someone who respects consent, and its absence.
Well found.
replied 1d
The problem with the word bully is it seems to focus on verbal intimidation.
The reality of coercionist would be a spectrum from real physical threats to violence.
replied 1d
I thought thug might be better but modern usage seems to not fit.
According to '~dictionaries' bully still seems to best describe a coercionist.
1d · Politics
A person who practices, or advocates coercion (or government by coercion)
1d · memo
Yesterday, there were
21653 txs on BCH chain, 272609 txs on BTC. BCH dominance=BCH/BTC=7.9%
1106866-1105694=1172 memo txs, 📈9.6% (compared w/ prev 1069), account for 5.4% of all BCH tx
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Reads like it could be the next contest.
"Using mainstream social media is morally indefensible."
Women shouldn't be able to abort female babies, only male ones.
60 million babies aborted in America. How many of them were Female?
Take a guess
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