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replied · 3d
Samantha -> Paymaya again just now:
"Service temporarily unavailable"
usually means service will be
"temporarily unavailable" indefinitely
which is infinitely, misspelled.
replied · 3d
Gcash is more convenient when it comes to.handling t
Transaction transfer, more Vouchers and more merchant partners compared to Paymaya as per some of my friends
replied · 4d
And GCash works Better..
replied · 4d
Translation from into Paymaya seems to have issues.
· 6d
Wanna feel great and happy? Then listen to this: #NLP Language Patterns Demonstration by Owen Fitzpatrick
· 6d
*LMAO* Owen Fitzpatrick- The Art of Effective Whining
· 10d
Can we change Cyber Monday … to Cyber Sat-Ur-Day?
replied · 6d
It took around 3 hours before my BCH balance has been received and be reflected in my account
replied · 7d
Okay, thanks for your response.
I am developing a charity
and was wondering how best to explain
receiving BCH into for donees to migrate to paymaya
all donations = BCH.
replied · 7d
would you consider writing about how well
is for translating BCH into either Paymaya of Gcash ?
Thanks for considering this, tips await
David knife
· 7d
Guys none of us are perfect, and we just must remember that everyone has their own problems we must be considerate give everyone the benefit of a doubt each day we need to try to remember this. yeah it's hard I know
replied · 8d
The difference between people who want sats
and the people who want engagement is a completely different universe.
We all know what they read like.
Auto update will win minds.
replied · 8d
not quite - there is nothing to engage with.
relying to someone whose answer may be randomly buried right away is not engaging.
people want to be seen and replied to =visibly=
replied · 8d
Still dead material until you click refresh.
txstreet shows how real-time should not be done:
what is needed is a display like memberapp that self-updates each 2? 5? minutes or so.
replied · 8d
but realtime would cost the server to some degree.
replied · 8d
Because there is only 'now' content, all buried within minutes
Memberapp looks nicely like reddit
but lacks because it also requires a manual refresh.
realtime update would win
· 9d · Jokes
7...The Owner reserves the right to increase or decrease the scope of the Work
involved in any or all items or to completely delete any items of the Work at any time under the Contract.
· 9d · Jokes
7...The Owner reserves the right to increase or decrease the scope of the Work
on any or all items or to change the nature of the Work
on any or all items or to change the nature of the Work
· 11d · Bitcoin
If you want to conduct trade online without agreeing to terms and conditions you won't read, cryptocurrency is your **only** option.
replied · 11d
If coinbase was a woman, I wouldn’t fuck her with someone else’s duck.
replied · 11d
Learn something new:
FIAT you can easily borrow almost anywhere.
BCH is exquisitely more difficult to borrow. dares not lend BCH it accepts as collateral !
· 189d · Politics
"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
-- Benjamin Franklin, 1759
· 166d · Favorite Quotes
Protozoa are small, and bacteria are small, but viruses are smaller than the both put together.
· 125d · Favorite Quotes
Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it's just the opposite.
-- J. K. Galbraith
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If at first you do succeed, try to hide your astonishment.