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I used to think I was indecisive, but now I'm not so sure.
Croisade PDVPMHT
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When posting into Topics, we need more space to pick the star leading to token options. The formatting is better for plain posting outside topics.
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Poverty solved:
simply redefine wealth ₿
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Does P = NP? The big questions in computer science. Well, I guess for the sake of encryption we better hope not.
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but real websites use https://
Someone should ping Falkvinge on twitter to use memo...
Whoa?!! Ihop is playing santana!
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Someone should ping Falkvinge on twitter to use memo...
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His earliest publicly searchable Twitter post

Rick [email protected]·Jun 15, 2018
But no proof on twitter ?
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"In other words, between 80,000 and 120,000 of them are now more at risk of death if they contract dengue than they were before they had been vaccinated,"
"at risk of death" only ?!
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"3-year-old boy in QC gets Type 2 polio after being vaccinated against types 1 and 3"
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Current Polio virus outbreaks _caused_by_vaccines_:
(not yet an epidemic, ...this week?)
How clever is that, Pharmsters?
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Thank you for support and comforting words. Help has arrived w/ the most impossible thing. I think I will shut my trap now.
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A fair depiction of the kind of future that bankster governments have been incubating:
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Tribalism is a great example, generally people are following based on tribal affiliation instead of evaluating data/information independently.
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Thank you Georg,
the link does work here.
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