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I am Jihan. Hello Memo!
Either way, if they are censoring transactions at all then they have gone against one of the Core principles of Bitcoin.
censoring transactions
Why are there 8.7 million different species on earth, but only one of them is human?
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Color of Missing
Perhaps I need some more coffee - how would someone interpret the message ?
The top image and bottom image although labeled the same send conflicting signals...
The story of Julian Assange clearly illuminates the machinery of Evil deployed to exterminate truth.
"Today I will do what others won't so tomorrow I can do what others can't" - Jerry Rice
Bingo. These centralized platforms were designed for narrative control and mob-rule. Fortunately we have MEMO!
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Nothing on there addresses the bottlenecks we saw during the last few stress tests. Why bump up block size to 128 MB (or at all) when it's clear we can't safely make 32 MB blocks yet?
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They consider residents of Taiwan to be their citizens, see my reply upstream:
retired diplomat Sha Zukang:
"[if] ... ...China were cornered... do the job at any cost."
Off-topic but perhaps you may know the answer to: my PSA query
Question: - Does China (PRC with its PLA etc) qualify as the only nuclear power to aim nuclear weapons at its own citizenry ? Just curiious...
Beggars are people. In some cases they have been traumatized into mental states simply dysfunctional. Helping them helps everyone eventually, but only if help is a transaction and not just a donation
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It is wrong to judge a persons intelligence by how much they agree with you. You have no idea what things you "know" are wrong, and which are true.
Beggars: those who beg either (1.) do not understand to offer their service(s) in return for cash or (2.) are just being lazy. SOLUTION= offer BCH for activity paid upon verification. TRANSACT !
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