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9d · Memo
2023-09-12, there were
162543 txs on BCH chain, 446461 txs on BTC. BCH tx dominance=BCH/BTC=36.4%
1694246-1694047=199 memo txs, 📉4.3%(compared w/ prev 208), account for 12.2‱ of all BCH txs
13d · Memo
2023-09-08, there were
62839 txs on BCH chain, 371435 txs on BTC. BCH tx dominance=BCH/BTC=16.9%
1693440-1693003=437 memo txs, 📈115%(compared w/ prev 203), account for 0.7% of all BCH txs
As long as I am here I will try to make updates. I want to make memo a noisy place also.
12d · Memo
2023-09-09, there were
13427 txs on BCH chain, 694241 txs on BTC. BCH tx dominance=BCH/BTC=1.9%
1693644-1693440=204 memo txs, 📉53.3%(compared w/ prev 437), account for 1.5% of all BCH txs
17d · Memo
2023-09-04, there were
13350 txs on BCH chain, 485972 txs on BTC. BCH tx dominance=BCH/BTC=2.7%
1691844-1691394=450 memo txs, 📈1.4%(compared w/ prev 444), account for 3.4% of all BCH txs

I need money to buy med. for my mother. I converted my Gcredt into cash using my CIMB app. I cash in through gcash then pay it in gcash app using gcredit. The cash was sent to my Gsave.
18d · Memo
2023-09-03, there were
12560 txs on BCH chain, 601984 txs on BTC. BCH tx dominance=BCH/BTC=2.1%
1691394-1690950=444 memo txs, 📉37.1%(compared w/ prev 706), account for 3.5% of all BCH txs
22d · covid-19
22d · Memo
2023-08-30, there were
34813 txs on BCH chain, 393924 txs on BTC. BCH tx dominance=BCH/BTC=8.8%
1688083-1686435=1648 memo txs, 📉42.9%(compared w/ prev 2885), account for 4.7% of all BCH txs
29d · Memo
2023-08-23, there were
18912 txs on BCH chain, 378886 txs on BTC. BCH tx dominance=BCH/BTC=5.0%
1664062-1659393=4669 memo txs, 📉16.8%(compared w/ prev 5612), account for 24.7% of all BCH txs
31d · Sanctuary
31d · The-One-Law
The Shinawindua community embrace The-One-Law.

I visit again the twitter and im so glad and happy there is a memo cash user who promoting, i feel that memo cash will conquer all and the best platform that i ever seen
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Counting on other people to 'save the world'??
For we who embrace The-One-Law it is the ultimate DIY project:
34d · Memo
2023-08-18, there were
25764 txs on BCH chain, 407473 txs on BTC. BCH tx dominance=BCH/BTC=6.3%
1640031-1636318=3713 memo txs, 📈12.2%(compared w/ prev 3308), account for 14.4% of all BCH txs
replied 34d
Let's find more people to video the effort and shield souls from today's troubles! Together, we can make a difference!
replied 34d
I wish it were easier to find people willing to video the effort.
We could shield more souls from the troubles erupting today.
Crazy?! #RetroComputing
"6 lines free for anyone that wants to play on this PDP-11/70 running Version 7 UNIX"
by SSH[email protected]/110911604915177280
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It takes determination and dedication to activate shields for those who uphold The-One-Law. It's a powerful way to protect and empower our community's
I am going to sleep now. My eyes are starting to close. Better take an early sleep tonight. Good night memo team, see you all in my sweet dreams.
35d · The-One-Law
Describing the decision and effort to energize shields for people who embrace The-One-Law:
35d · Sanctuary
We have begun energizing Shields to protect the Sanctuaries of those who embrace The-One-Law:
36d · Memo
2023-08-16, there were
194249 txs on BCH chain, 571773 txs on BTC. BCH tx dominance=BCH/BTC=34.0%
1633010-1629800=3210 memo txs, 📈9.9%(compared w/ prev 2922), account for 1.7% of all BCH txs
replied 37d
Let me check and try to join to make a particpants
replied 36d
I always support you sir
I hope whatever you do will always be successful and blessed 🙏