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Insane engineering doesn't mean good engineering


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I consider myself the smartest person I know personally.
Encrypted/private actions are planned
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just testing this xD
Same xD
Looking forward to using ElectrumSV with my Trezor.
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test post
Yesterday 311111-310860=251 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈5.0%|abc(311100-310849=251,📈5.0%),sv(700317-700064=253,📈29.7%)
It is intellectually disingenuous to suggest Craig Wright is not Satoshi.
Will keyport embed on here?
definitely needs a proper comment section.
btw. your voice is super smooth xD
I'm interacting. should definitely be added as embeddable here.
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SV all the way! We now know that BTC Core, Jihan, and Roger Ver colluded with ABC. Not visa versa as was falsely claimed.
lol. does that mean my Split BSV is worthless xD
that's kinda neat.
I'd love to agree, but can't ignore the elephants in the room. Thorium might be a future improvement, but for now core melt accidents and nuclear waste are highly problematic.
@memo what node network are we supportimg? ABC or SV? 15/Nov/2018 Teranode on the brink of second bailout for Bitcoin.
what chain are we on ?
Memo site is running into some issues related to the fork. Doing what I can to keep the site alive.
One small exchange with little volume is not the market. You are a dumbass.
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After 15 Nov ABC will
Cease to exist 4 votes · 0 satoshis
Change POW algorithm 7 votes · 0 satoshis
Fork with minority hashrate 4 votes · 0 satoshis
Win the hash battle 13 votes · 21,000 satoshis

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Dude, Toto is the shit!
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