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I've decided to use the power of the BCH blockchain to expose the fraudulent practices by the Banking Industry, who commit fraud and crime on a daily basis.


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Space Pirate M
replied 684d
I'll be going all in on ETH. As it is, I'm split between ETH and BCH.
685d · Craig Steven Wright
I think Craig Wright has actually gone insane. The accusations about him have pushed him into a corner and now he is looking for desperate attempts to gain back some sort of authority
replied 689d
Prediction: When this is all over next week, you are going to feel so fucking stupid for all this effort you put into a dead campaign for a psychopath.
692d · RoyalTiffany
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created poll 699d
I need your help again. Please look at this album and help me decide which option to go with for the new front end of TxStreet. After this I'm getting started.
Option 1 5 votes (5 unique) · 1,789 satoshis
Option 2 11 votes (9 unique) · 666 satoshis
Option 3 2 votes (2 unique) · 0 satoshis


Space Pirate M
replied 802d
Dunno if it can hit $10 in the near future, that would be a huge market cap coin. I'm pretty sure we can hit $1 in the next year though.... $4-5 maybe in the next bull cycle
Space Pirate M
803d · How do you know about cryptocurrencies?
Started following it more in 2013/2014 during the pump to $1000 and started understanding the tech then.
Space Pirate M
803d · How do you know about cryptocurrencies?
Read about it on Zerohedge - probably around 2010-2011. Can't remember. Didn't understand it then, was following the Peter Schiff camp.
Space Pirate M
803d ·
Damn I was hoping for a 10 MB block
Space Pirate M
803d ·
What the heck is up with our hashpower? Has it dropped? Last block was like 30 mins ago.
replied 809d
Space Pirate M
replied 812d
Satoshi Nakamoto. Ludwig of our time.
812d · Coinex
Like if you support CoinEX, the Bitcoin Cash based exchange giving daily dividends to it's users!
Space Pirate M
812d · Coinex
Does anyone know if CET has to be locked for dividend payout as well?
Space Pirate M
812d · Coinex
Did you guys hear the news about the new trade driven mining update? Now CET needs to be locked to get mining rewards.... BULLISH!!
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816d · Coinex
The pro Bitcoin Cash exchange CoinEX is awesome! Fast deposits and is sharing revenue with users every 24 hours if you hold some CET. Try it, you will be amazed. The backing company ViaBTC is loyal
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815d · Coinex
They just announce the trading dividend will have longer term, very good news for CET token holders
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