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4d · flipstarter
BitPal Flipstarter successfully funded!
4d · Bitcoin
Crazy insane $3000 USD fee on this #BTC transaction
10d · Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has more daily transactions than #Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Dash. #BCH is winning!
Wow, a lot of Anonymous donations in the Bitcoin Verde flipstarter.

Doing the lottery draw now. Eliminating 'btcfork' and my advertisement 'Play the lottery!' means 32 entrants left.

The completion block 673618.
20d · Flipstarter
19d · bitcoin cash
Maybe we should rename Bitcoin Cash to "BeeCash" and change the logo to a green bee! This is working for Dogecoin apparently 🙂

I blogged about this:

I coded this #JavaScript lib:

Chat-app proof-of-concept:

No e2e encryption yet.
18d · Bitcoin
Bitcoin (BTC) fees are ridiculous. Close to $15 per transaction now.
18d · Bitcoin Cash
bItCoiN cAsH iS dEaD
23d · Bitcoin Cash
Reminder: Bitcoin (BTC) is unusable as money. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is digital cash and money for the world.
BitCash version 0.6.1 is released
Thanks Bitcoin Cash Community for all these pledges! 12.9 BCH remaining to get funded in the next 72 hours.
30d · flipstarter
New Flipstarter: Marketing and promotion of Bitcoin Cash in Thailand -
Did you see? Feng E shared a BCH address with the world.

36d · bitcoin cash
32d · Bitcoin Cash
General warning! is a SCAM!

Steals funds!
32d · Bitcoin Cash
Stop wasting your money on BTC. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) transactions cost less than a penny.
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Your post was remembered
36d · Bitcoin
Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System
39d · Bitcoin Cash
Great interview about General Protocols & Anyhedge/DeFi on top of #BitcoinCash another great product by #BCH
Added also React frontend to the 'Easy NFTs' CoinParty project . Now you can create NFT groups and child tokens via a web form