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The Bitcoin Cash network upgrade (May 2021) has activated.
The new network policies are in effect from block #688,093 onwards
(block hash: 000000000000000001d18b56781ec4e0a1b8eb35b625301782774dc5583e72c1)
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Completed: YouTube’s #1 Bitcoin Cash Video

30 / 30 BCH
Cheat sheet for talking to laser-eyed bitcoiners.
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The BTC mempool never rises above 90 MB, but transactions with low fees keep disappearing. Are they deleted from the mempool by the miners? Is this how the miners want to keep the mempool constant?
Twitter down. Memo unaffected.
I have started a crowdin project to translate! If you want to help translate the site go visit

Please spread the word so we can find quality translators!
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New: "The Crypto 6" Legal Defense Fundraiser

1.02 / 100 BCH , 1 month to go
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George Donnelly interviews Josh Ellithorpe: "User Experience is Everything ". Highly recommended!
Important Flipstarter!
Komodo DEX for BCH/SLP!

#BCH #Komodo #DEX
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"500k YouTube Channel Bitcoin Cash Series" (David Bond Productions)

248.72 / 300.00 BCH

12 days to go
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BitPal Flipstarter successfully funded!
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Crazy insane $3000 USD fee on this #BTC transaction
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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has more daily transactions than #Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Dash. #BCH is winning!
Wow, a lot of Anonymous donations in the Bitcoin Verde flipstarter.

Doing the lottery draw now. Eliminating 'btcfork' and my advertisement 'Play the lottery!' means 32 entrants left.

The completion block 673618.
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Maybe we should rename Bitcoin Cash to "BeeCash" and change the logo to a green bee! This is working for Dogecoin apparently 🙂

I blogged about this:

I coded this #JavaScript lib:

Chat-app proof-of-concept:

No e2e encryption yet.
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Bitcoin (BTC) fees are ridiculous. Close to $15 per transaction now.
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bItCoiN cAsH iS dEaD