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All that needs is some pork green chili on top.
Most blatantly obvious reason why BTC is still thriving though never discussed: Its pumped by the elites with fake tethers, and now fake USDC.
I haven't used windows in years. I miss out on some games, but there are plenty of good linux games.
"If homosexuality is discarded by natural selection, why it still exist? " I'm sure non-stop promotion in the media helps. Literally every TV show has gay character by the 2nd season.
Your premise fails basic logic. Homosexuality is discarded by natural selection by definition - it doesn't end in reproduction.
*sense* damn auto spell
Vaccination makes plenty of sex if you're into the idea that we need to get rid of a large chunk of the population.
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I've told a lot of people that use vaccines to "kill themselves". It's working!
That doesn't change what nature's intent for your organs is. You are free to engage in crimes against nature, but don't try to convince people its "normal".
You're actually doing a pretty good job of proving your own mental illness, when you claim to use animal behavior as a litmus test for what is acceptable human behavior.
If you're going to rubber stamp any human behavior as 'normal' because some animals may do it, that's just fuckin insanity on your part. Animals shit in public - do you?
So its not a mental illness for people to do something as long as animals do it? You're an idiot. My dog eats cat shit - is that ok for people to do at your house?
That is like asking, "Why are you assuming a digestive purpose on eating?" Sex is for the purposes of reproduction - that's just fact. Keep your strawmans to yourself.
You can call it a "moral judgment", but its also objective fact. Putting penis in anus = eating through your nose.
And almost all, if not all, reference Bagemihl's ridiculous book. Its pathetic. Its a dumb argument for a dumb argument because why are you basing your behavior on an animal anyway?
I've skimmed through it - its a joke. His "references" are just other people giving opinions like he is, and its poorly written. Not scientific at all.
The entire argument for "gay animals" relies on that guys' testimony, because no one else has ever seen that shit.
One is the normal sexual act, and one isn't.
I'm assuming you went to public school, and your parents left you in front of the TV a lot.
its 2-3% population but 40% of child molesters, 55% HIV cases, 82% syphilis, 37% of anal cancer and only 20% of LGBTQ adults are STD free.
92% of adopted children are abused by LGBTQ
I'm fine with vegans - more meat for me!
1 family picture & few degenerate perverts whos shitty genes are removed from the gene pool for good. #LGBTQ - every letter is a mental illness
"perverted" means To put to a wrong or improper use; misuse. Nothing to do with religion.
Veiled censorship is censorship that is less obvious than r/bitcoin. Its vote manipulation and mostly selective modding.