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Roger Ver has done more for crypto than just about anyone but Satoshi or Gavin,,, He is an awesome person and may be selfishly working, but at least he is working.
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· 6 days ago
...but *helping* the network --- they might support the re-org instead of considering it an attack.

However, ...
Absolutely - I group everyone that's not a miner under 'users' above, as in 'users of the blockchain'.
Not sure, CSW keeps saying ABC was adding anonymity into ABC version. But then again he's a liar.
Unfortunately they only accept BTC when I checked last night. The guy posting the news did not verify before posting...
voted on poll Yes, can’t wait to see Jihan bring over that hashpower to defend BCH! · 36 days ago
Who is Pumped About Seeing a Hash War ?
Yes, can’t wait to see Jihan bring over that hashpower to defend BCH! 18 votes (14 unique) · 2,666 satoshis
No, Jihan didn’t defend BTC. He won’t defend BCH. 2 votes (2 unique) · 0 satoshis
No, we are getting split which is bad. 5 votes (4 unique) · 0 satoshis
Yes, we get to sell BCH altcoins now! 0 votes (0 unique) · 0 satoshis
Yes, we get SV features 11 votes (11 unique) · 2,200 satoshis

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I am based here, anyone is interested in Korea?
posted · 39 days ago
Blockstream is now openly pushing for INDIVIDUALS to convert their Bitcoin into “Bitcoin Liquid”.
posted · 42 days ago was build in just few days by a single person with basic JS knowledge. When people wake up to what bitdb is capable of, the BCH ecosystem will explode.
Ok, I don't expect to spend 2 bch in this mini stress, but to has enough impact we need to test before.
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· 43 days ago
When the next stress test day?
There's an identy manager linked to from and example requests can be found on

Badger wallet announced support today as well.
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Giving away 100,000 Satoshis to the first 200 likes/follows!
Yes, Almaty.
I can translate to Russian and Kazakh.
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Founder of the cryptoсurrency exchange
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4chan accepts BCH now.